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Subscription FAQs

What are the advantages of our subscription model?

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What does "PRE" mean on my formula box?

Can I feed my baby stage 1 for the first year?

My child is 6 months old. Do I use stage 2 formula?

Do the formulas you carry contain 3-MCPD like most American brands of formula?

Is palm oil safe for my baby?

What is maltodextrin and why is it used in baby formulas?

I've heard DHA is very important for my baby. What is DHA?

How many servings are in one package of formula?

How much formula should I order?

How much formula does each box make?

European & American Formulations

What formula do you recommend for my baby?

My child's pediatrician recommended a brand of formula you don't carry. Why should I consider purchasing a formula my child's doctor did not recommend?

Why are organic formulas better than non-organic brands of formula?

Why do you offer European brands of formula and not the formula sold in most grocery stores?

Are European made formulas better than American made formulas?

What is the difference between the HIPP German, UK, and Dutch formulas?

Are your milk based formulas USDA organic?

How is Holle's Demeter certified Organic Infant milk different from Holle's Lebenswert Formula?

How do your formulas compare?

Authenticity, Recalls, & Miscellaneous

Are your products authentic?

Are you a reputable organic baby formula retailer?

Would you know if a product is recalled?

Why should I buy from you and not another website?

Do you ever have sales?

Do you have a brick and mortar store?

Are your imported products irradiated?

What is the most popular milk based formula you carry?

What is the best brand of formula you carry?

What is the difference between all of the brands of baby formula you sell?

Formula Preparation & Storage

Can I prepare a bottle of formula in advance?

How quickly should prepared formula be used?

How do I make my formula? Do you have instructions in English?

Is it necessary for me to boil the water like the instructions say?

What's the best way to store opened, dry packages of formula?

How quickly should I use my package of formula after opening it?

When do your products expire?

What is the shelf life of an opened package of milk based formulas?

Shipping & Returns

When will my order be shipped?

When can I expect my package to arrive?

Can I expedite my order?

Can I track my order?

I received the wrong product. What should I do?

The box my product arrived in was opened/damaged. Is my product still safe?

Can I return my order?

Lost or Damaged Packages - Do you cover the loss?

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