Perhaps the research is the most daunting part of finding the perfect breastfeeding supplement or alternative.


Step by step, with a small amount of searching, you have found that European baby formula is nutrition that is pure, clean, and free of toxic ingredients. Your next question is whether the imported baby formula that travels from Europe is ever irradiated.

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  1. What You Need to Know Before Importing a European Formula
  2. Differences between USA and European Formula Regulations
  3. Food Irradiation
  4. Organic Baby Formula
  5. Why is European Baby Formula Better than American?

What You Need to Know Before Importing a European Formula

To help you on the path to find organic baby formula closest to breastfeeding we will help break down what exactly irradiation is and if families that import formula should worry.


Irradiation is the process of applying ionizing radiation to any food product including baby formula. Unfortunately, in the United States irradiation is thought to improve the safety of foods, however, this process is also known to produce unsafe byproducts.


Studies have shown these byproducts can increase cancer causing cells and in the case of American baby formula, can eliminate essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth and development.

Differences between USA and European Formula Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently allows the use of irradiation on overseas, imported foods products, including baby nutrition.


Although the FDA regulates irradiation procedures and uses only approved sources of radiation, they are ultimately subjecting your baby's infant food to harmful and toxic radiation.


Using the irradiation process to eliminate any potential contaminants while causing other potential lifelong health concerns seems counterproductive at best.

Gamma Irradiation

In the United States the three sources of radiation approved for the irradiating process are X-rays, Gamma rays, and Electron beams.


Each of these have potential hazards when used on food sources for all family members but can be especially harmful to the delicate system of a newborn.

Food Irradiation

At this point you may be wondering if there is a way to know if the imported baby formula has been irradiated and if your little one has been put at risk?


Unfortunately, the FDA does not require any notice or labeling of food products that have put through radiation.

The only clear way to tell if your baby formula has been irradiated is to order from trusted sources.

Organic Baby Formula

At My Organic Company we are a small family owned company. We make certain that your baby only receives pure, clean organic nutrition by only working with certified European baby formula distributors and having some of the best shipping and storage methods in the industry.


At each step of the process we are diligent to make sure that shipments are labeled correctly and contain the paperwork needed to get through customs without further inspection or worse, irradiation.


Perhaps the most important part of the process is having a personal relationship with our European buyers who ensure that your littles one’s European baby formula is bought and cared for using ethical and safe practices.

Why is European Baby Formula Better than American?

My Organic Company is passionate about providing your family only the very best in organic nutrition.

We provide European baby formulas that are free of harmful ingredients and we go the extra mile to make sure your infant's nutrition will not be exposed to harmful radiation.


We are proud to be a trusted source of breastfeeding alternatives and supplements that meet every stage and digestive need of your baby's first years.

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