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Lebenswert formula offers more, with a Bioland Organic Guarantee!


Lebenswert (which meanslivable in English) is a Bioland-certified organic baby formula made on a sustainablebiodynamic farm by the German company Holle. As one of the leading baby formula brands in Europe, the company excels at producing clean formula from grass-fed cows. The formula is made in a sustainable facility, so your baby won’t consume any harmful substances.

Lebenswert Bio also refuses to use any ingredients exposed to pesticides or herbicides. The milk is also free of hormones, so your baby is going to be healthier, stronger, and more fit. By choosing Holle Lebenswert, you are also providing your baby with the best baby formula in the world. From infancy to toddler, you will also ensure your baby receives wholesome and healthy nourishment.

Lebenswert Baby Formula Stages:

Lebenswert Stage 1   is formulated for infants to six months, so it provides the perfect balance between nutritious purity and taste. It’s also ideal for babies who have a sensitive palette or need an organic baby formula that is gluten-free.

Lebenswert Stage 2   is ideal for babies older than six months who require an easy-to-digest organic formula that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals a growing baby needs to grow healthier and meet earlier developmental milestones.

Lebenswert Stage 3   is perfectly formulated for babies older than ten months to help boost intellect and growth. By ten months, your baby will be able to express how much he or she loves the best organic baby formula for growing toddlers.

Lebenswert Formula Review

 Lebenswert formula reviews by parents show much enthusiasm as it does not contain artificial flavoring, sugar, corn syrup, preservatives, soy, gluten, or GMOs. It’s also quality made with clean, organic ingredients, so it’s the perfect breastfeeding substitute.

Lebenswert also donates one cent of each baby formula sold to forest restoration and reforestation projects, so you’ll be supporting an eco-friendly BIO project with each Holle Lebenswert formula purchase at My Organic Company.

Parents around the world are visiting My Organic Company to buy Lebenswert formula because of its exceptional superiority among baby formula makers. Your baby will love the fresh taste, too!

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882 reviews
Best place to buy European formula

Amazing service! So happy I was able to find them

Great product

I have been using this brand and website for almost one year know, and my baby girl never had any issues or problems. Great product and service!
Thank you very much for bringing these products here!!!

My baby is more regular

I have been using Holle which was a game changer, but once I switched to Kendamil I noticed that my baby has bowel movements like clockwork in the morning. I do still give breastmilk as often as I can. Due to my sons sensitive tummy. I want to try goat milk in this brand.

Best formula ever!!

This is my daughter's favorite formula, it's truly amazing for her sensitive stomach. It's a German formula so not many websites will sell it in the US and you can't get it in stores here.. So the fact that "MyOrganicCompany" sells it and is the only website that let's you do a subscription so I don't have to reorder it every few weeks; is a great feature. They even let me modify the frequency so it's every 3 weeks instead of once a month, totally awesome; I would recommend this formula and website to every parent.


Fast shipping and perfect for my baby!