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HiPP Anti-Reflux Organic Baby Formula

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Why we love HiPP Anti-Reflux

  • Great for babies from birth and up
  • No added sugar
  • Organic locust bean gum makes this creamier and easier for babies with reflux / spit up
  • Essential non-synthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Vitamin D for better calcium absorption and bone strength
  • Vitamin A and C for a healthy immune system
  • Calcium for healthy bones
  • NO wheat, soy, or peanut ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free
  • Omega-3 and 6 LCPs (DHA and ARA) for brain development
  • Main carbohydrate is lactose
  • GMO-Free
  • 500g / 17.6oz of formula powder

Product Description

HiPP anti reflux formula is ideal for birth and up. Anti-Reflux formula helps reduce acid reflux and spit up in infants. With all-natural, organic ingredients that soothe digestion—you can say goodbye to tummy-troubles! Each package comes with 500g / 17.63oz of formula and instructions.

HiPP AR formula contains non-synthetic vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth. Organic locust bean gum makes the formula creamier and easier for babies to digest. HiPP Anti Reflux ingredients are clean and safe; this reduces the chance of spit-ups. Both mothers and babies will love this soothing formula.

HiPP Anti Reflux is made in Germany and meets EU organic standards. Unlike U.S. formulas, EU organic certified formulas undergo multiple factory checks and must meet all regulations. These regulations ensure each package arrives safely for your baby. With organic, babies can now receive the superior nourishment they deserve. HiPP believes in a holistic approach; this means NO steroids, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, or chemicals. Say goodbye to spit-ups and sick stomachs when you switch to HiPP Organic Acid Reflux!

With a large assortment of vitamins and minerals for optimal growth, you won’t have to worry about nutrient deficiency. Both vitamins A and C blend into Anti-Reflux HiPP to improve immune function. Additionally, vitamin D mixes in for better calcium absorption and bone strength. Omega-3 and 6 LCPs (DHA and ARA) add in to support brain and eye development as well. To top it all off, HiPP adds probiotics and prebiotics to relieve digestion.

HiPP Anti Reflux contains NO wheat, egg, soy, peanuts, or added sugars. These ingredients are a no-no when it comes to providing relief to baby stomachs.

When raising a baby with a sensitive stomach, it can be hard during mealtime. HiPP understands each mother’s struggles and curates the perfect formula for each individual baby. During these irreplaceable first months of raising your baby, don’t be risky with their health. Unregulated ingredients can damage infant health and cause health issues in the future.

EU organic certified brands are safe and reliable when it comes to providing the proper nourishment. If you’re tired of seeing your baby suffer from acid reflux and spit-ups—HiPP formula for acid reflux is a lifesaver! HiPP Anti Reflux Formula uses 100% organic, simple ingredients with a purpose.

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