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Sensitive Babies

Babies are sensitive and we are here to help!

We carry options for allergies, lactose intolerance, fussy and colicky babies, acid reflux issues, and more!

There is nothing worse for parents than seeing precious babies suffer from constant spit-up, gas, acid reflux, painful bloating, diarrhea, fussiness, vomiting, infrequent stools, or rashes. Intolerance to milk, soy, eggs, nuts, corn, and wheat are known to greatly affect a baby’s ability to digest food properly. If you notice a change after your baby bottle-feeds or breastfeeds, it’s important to speak with your pediatrician to identify the cause as well as learn more about sensitive formulas.

How To Know Baby Is Allergic To Formula    

It’s normal for babies to fuss after eating, but when it is consistent, there may be an underlying issue with what your baby is eating. Up to 15% of infants have an intolerance to cow milk protein while 7.5% have allergies. Being intolerant is different than an allergy, so it’s important to know which is the case before changing your baby’s formula. In some cases, it may be temporary or baby can tolerate milk in smaller amounts, in which a sensitive formula with a combiotic or agoat milk formula will better help your newborn baby receive the appropriate nutrients.

Can Babies Be Allergic To Breastmilk?

If your baby is experiencing an upset stomach while breastfeeding, you may wonder about allergies to breast milk. Typically, babies are not allergic to breast milk, but it is possible for a baby who is sensitive to milk to have a reaction when the mother drinks it and passes it along. Common food sensitivities in breastfed babies cause abdominal pain, wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea, colic, blood in the stool, or rash. Using sensitive formulas will aid in digestive health.


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    • Contain prebiotics and probiotics for digestion.
    • Have hydrolyzed proteins for allergic reactions.  

HiPP German:

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HiPP Dutch:                                              

All stages:

    • Contain prebiotics and probiotics for digestion.
    • Do NOTcontain soy or maltodextrin (starch)

Whether you want to buy a top-notch baby formula brand or want to find outwhere to buy goat milk, My Organic Company carries the full line of sensitiveE.U.baby formula brands.

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