HiPP Organic Bio Milk Cereal with Fine Fruit

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HiPP Organic Bio Milk Cereal with Fine Fruit

Hipp Organic Milk Cereal with Fine Fruit is an excellent way to introduce fruit into your little one's diet. With approximately 45 grams of organic fruit per serving and formula fortified, your baby will be begging for snack time. You won‰۪t find any harmful chemicals, pesticides, GMO's, herbicides or added sugar in this yummy tasting cereal, but what you will find is omega-3 fatty acids for brain development and calcium for bone strength.

Hipp Organic Milk Cereal with Fine Fruit is made from strictly controlled organic ingredients, and is a valuable source of minerals and vitamins.

  • NO added sugar
  • Fortified with baby friendly formula*
  • Calcium & vitamin D for bone strength
  • Vitamin A & zinc for immune support
  • Vitamin C for Iron
  • Vitamin B & B2
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for brain and nerve cell development
  • Approximately 46 g of fresh fruit per serving
  • Gentle on the tummy

*Ingredients naturally contain sugar 



45% formula* (whey product*, palm oil), skimmed milk powder*, cornmeal *, vitamin C, iron sulfate, zinc sulfate, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin A, potassium iodate, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenite, copper sulfate, vitamin D, biotin), wheat starch*, whey product*, 13% fruit* (concentrated apple juice*, pear juice concentrate*, banana flakes*, peach flakes*), skimmed-milk powder*, rice flour*, calcium carbonate, apple extract, orange extract, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin D

*Organically produced.

Organic palm oil certified by independent inspection and farmed sustainably.

Contains gluten


  • Boil water (see guide below). Cool to approximately 122 degrees.
  • Add the water to the cereal (see guide below) and stir.
  • Let cereal sit until desired temperature is reached.

Cow milk preparations*:

  • Boil half of the recommended water amount (see guide below).
  • Replace half of recommended water amount with milk. For example: to prepare a 6 month serving, use 2 oz. water and 2 oz. milk.
  • Prepare milk as you normally do. Cool both water and milk to 122 degrees.
  • Add the water and milk to the cereal and stir.
  • Let cereal sit until desired temperature is reached.

Liquid and cereal amount can be varied based on your child's needs or preferences. Please keep in mind: thicker foods can pose a chocking risk to young children.

*It is not recommended this cereal be prepared with cow's milk until your baby is at least one year old.



Cereal Powder



6 Months

3 Tbsp.

5 oz.

7 oz.

8 Months

4 Tbsp.

5 oz.

7 oz.

Smaller portion

2 Tbsp.

4 oz.

5.5 oz.



Because Hipp Organic Milk Cereal with Fine Fruit does not contain preservatives, prepared cereal should be used within 24 hours of mixing. Keep cereal in a sealed bag or container, and store in a cool, dry place. To ensure freshness, we recommend using cereal within 3-4 weeks of opening.

This cereal can be used as a snack anytime of the day. Although a healthy addition to your baby‰۪s diet, this cereal should not be used as the main source of nutrition. Until your baby is sourcing all of his calories from solid foods, please follow your regular feeding routine with formula or breast milk.


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