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Holle "Bio-Babybrei" Tapioca Cereal

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The nutrient rich grains found in Holle’s Organic Corn with Tapioca Porridge are processed gently with the use of warmth and moisture – never with the use of a harsh refinement process. By allowing the grain to remain intact, valuable nutrients are preserved. Made according to Holle’s strict manufacturing standards, there’s never any question as to what may be lurking in the list of ingredients. Holle Organic Corn with Tapioca baby cereal contains only four simple organic ingredients – corn, whole grain rice, tapioca, and vitamin B1. Prepare quickly with formula, milk or water.


  • Fiber packed corn
  • Magnesium rich whole grain rice
  • Tapioca for energy
  • Vitamin B1 for digestive system support
  • Suitable from 4 months on
  • Unsweetened
  • NO added salt
  • NO synthetic flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Dairy free
  • Prepare multiple ways 

Organic cereal porridge for infants after 4th month’s

part of a full-fledged diet, Delicate organic whole meal flakes, Easy to prepare, gluten, unsweetened


Corn flour* 74%, Rice Whole Meal Flour* 17%, Tapioka* 9%, Thiamin, (Vitaminized according to law)

*from biodynamic agriculture

carbohydrates, fiber, egg whites, salt, thiamin, Vitamin B1

1naturally contains sugar

2one pack gives about 10 servings of half-milk-mush according to the recipe.

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