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Holle "Bio-Babybrei" Dinkel

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Holle Organic Spelt Porridge 

Spelt is a traditional grain dating back seven thousand years. It is naturally high insoluble nutritional fiber and therefore has stool softening properties. Compared to wheat, Spelt is also greater in the B-complex nutritional vitamins and both simple and complex carbohydrates. Spelt contains significantly more healthy proteins. Due to the nature of this grain, people who are gluten intolerant can include spelt-based food products within their diet.

The delicious Holle Organic Spelt Porridge has multiple uses - it can be used as a milk porridge, dairy free porridge (just add water) or with any infant formula. It is easy for your baby to digest and is milk and sugar-free. Well suited for use from aged 4 months plus.


• No ingredients made from gene technology, guaranteed

• No salt, added aromas, colors, or preservatives

• Gluten free, unsweetened, no added sugar

• Stool softening, easily digestible

Organic cereal porridge for infants after 4th month’s

  • Part of a full-fledged diet
  • Delicate organic whole meal flakes
  • Easy to prepare
  • Gluten
  • Unsweetened1


Demeter spelled Whole Meal flour*, Thiamin (Vitaminized according to law)

*from biodynamic agriculture

carbohydrates, fiber, egg white’s, salt, sodium, thiamin

1naturally contains sugar

2 one pack gives about 10 servings of half-milk-mush according to the recipe

The different preparation variants have different nutritional contents per serving.

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