Nothing worries mothers more than their little loved one getting sick and catching the common cold. For that reason, here are 10 home remedies that will help your baby feel more comfortable and get better as fast as possible.


1: Comfort and lots of love

As cliche as this sounds, it plays a huge part in healing your sick baby. The cute tiny body of your baby is pushing to the maximum while fighting off bacteria, and it is in lots of stress. During this time you want to make sure to comfort your baby at all times to reduce crying and more discomfort.


Keep the volume down! Loud sounds can cause young children and babies stress and discomfort during sleep or rest time. Also, if it is not freezing cold or burning hot outside and your baby does not have a fever, take your baby outside to breathe some fresh air for a few minutes. This will strengthen the immune system and help open up the airway.

2: Vaporizers and Humidifiers

Vaporizers heat water and release hot steam, whereas a humidifier releases a cooling mist. Both of these devices are great tools to getting rid of congestion in the body and will help to make your infant feel better. They are portable and easy to be placed from room to room.


Follow the instructions on the label of the Vaporizer or Humidifier. Fill with water and place in infants bedroom, playroom etc.

3: Elevating the position of the head

Raising the position of your baby’s head will allow for easier breathing and clearer airway, and it helps to relax them during sleep.


Simply put a few towels or a thin pillow under your child's mattress to raise the area where the head will rest. Please make sure to not put any towels directly underneath the pillow inside the crib, due to suffocation hazards.

4: Fluids Fluids Fluids (6 months and older)

During the time of a cold the immune system is trying nonstop to fight the foreign bacteria in the body; therefore, it is crucial to stay hydrated especially for younger babies.


Sometimes your infant will not like to drink lots of water. In this case, try mixing in some beverage that sweetens the water such as a little bit of organic apple juice or orange juice, which will make the water taste better.

5: Onion

Believe it or not, onions have anti-inflammatory properties that help with nasal inflammation and clear congestion.


Peel a regular sized onion and cut it in half; place one half next to your baby's crib or bed overnight.

6: Relieve clogged nose with Table Salt

When it comes to clogged baby noses it is an absolute tabu to use the common adult nose sprays that help to clear the nose in seconds. Therefore there is a very easy alternative to make your baby's breathing easier.


Fill a small pot with about 1 cup of water and add a tablespoon of table salt. Then allow to cool. Absorb the fluid with an infant medicine dropper and slowly release little drops into infant's nose.

7: Chicken soup (6 months and up)

Studies have shown that warm chicken soup helps to relieve common symptoms such as aches and congestion during colds.


Make homemade chicken soup or purchase from the store. Make sure the soup is not too hot and serve warm.

8: Honey (12 months and up)

Honey has been known to be a very helpful “throat coat” including having multiple health benefits.


Give your child ½ to 1 teaspoon of honey. Sometimes a little lemon can be added, which is known to benefit the immune system.

9: Garlic and olive oil fight against ear infections

When infants suffer from a cold it can extend to other infections, most commonly an ear infection. This is when a doctor or physician should be seen to ensure your child's safety. If the infection is mild, use a natural treatment of garlic and olive oil applied as drops into the ear.


Crush some garlic and mix the garlic juice with some warmed olive oil. Allow the mixture to cool to body temperature and apply some drops to your baby's ear.

10: Rest!

Whether you are a grown adult or you have a child or infant, the immune system is overwhelmed and needs every possible cell in the body to get better. If your child or infant is very energetic and moving a lot or running while having the flu, you should involve your child in a different more relaxing and resting activity to allow the immune system to rest.


You know your child best. If your child likes listening to stories, try reading a book or solving a puzzle. Rest is crucial for the body and immune system to rejuvenate and speed up the overall healing process.


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