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10 home remedies to help your baby get over a cold 🤒

Most parents get extremely exhausted in the first weeks or months of  a newborn child, especially at night when the baby wakes multiple times and just won’t stop screaming. Often times, parents are extremely overwhelmed and do not know how else to help their child other than to give him/her sleeping aids. Little do these parents know that this causes major problems in the baby’s body and can lead to many negative outcomes.

Here is our solution:

Try the Good Night Milk from Hipp! It makes your baby more full before sleeping and reduces the chances of waking up as frequently throughout the night!

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It is completely normal for a baby to cry a lot during the first weeks after birth. It is natural to want attention from mother or father. Crying is simply the only thing they can do when they are hungry or feel anxious. In no circumstance should sleeping aids ever be used. These contain an extreme amount of chemicals that cause the exact opposite effect like cramps, anxiety, and even hallucinations! Also, sleeping aids can cause the baby to become addicted in a very short time and may cause internal problems in the nervous system. It could even cause an overdose that leads to breathing problems like Sleep Apnea.

There are other natural ways to help your child sleep longer, such as shorter naps throughout the day and plenty of movement that will eventually make the child more tired. Lavender oil can even be applied by massaging into the baby's feet; this allows the child to be relaxed and calm before sleep.

Asking family or friends to help or take the child for a few nights every once in a while is absolutely normal as well. It is important for mom and dad to get well rested too!

Best of luck, and don't worry, this stage will pass soon!


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