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MyOrganicCompany WonderMom Scholarship


About The Scholarship

Graduate or College Student Award: $2,000

High School Senior Award: $1,000




Are you a single parent looking for help to accomplish your goals and dreams? Does being a role-model for your child/children inspire you to try your hardest in every walk of your life? We know this can be challenging for any parent, but even more so for those that are single parents. Whether you are a single mom or dad, it can be stressful trying to manage all the necessary requirements to be successful. At MyOrganicCompany, we would like to help and make one part of your life slightly more manageable with our scholarship!

Why help single parents?

Members of our staff have personally struggled with juggling life while being single parents, and together we voted to give back to our community. We know that students who are single parents have lower graduation rates and far more college debt on average (not to include that additional stress/anxiety from having to manage parenthood while studying and part-time or full-time jobs!). Based on data from a longitudinal study, "Of students seeking a bachelor’s degree, only about a fifth of students who are single parents will graduate with a bachelor’s degree within six years, compared with two-thirds of students who are not single parents."

In fact, just simply growing up in a single family household can become an educational disadvantage. One study confirms the disadvantage, "Twelve percent of that group of teens from single-parent families had earned a college degree by the time they were 24, compared with 38 percent of those from two-parent families." This large difference is a hurdle we want to help overcome!

Furthermore, a parent's education can strongly predict students’ educational attainment, based on how far in school their parents progressed. For example, increasing a mother’s years of education by 1 standard deviation, or 2.6 years, added about three-quarters of a year to children’s completed schooling, according to the study.

With all that being said, we at MyOrganicCompany are devoted to giving back and helping single parents, so we can help bridge the gaps! With our scholarship, we are giving graduate and college students a chance to earn $2,000 towards their education!


Scholarship Timeline

The MyOrganicCompany Single Parent Scholarship will be awarded to one college student winner every 6 months and one high school senior once a year (during the first application cycle) . The application and selection timeline is as follows:


First Application Cycle Timeline

- Application deadline: June 30th

- Interviews with finalists: July

- First winner announced: July 31st.

Second Application Cycle Timeline

- Application deadline: December 31st

- Interviews with finalists: January

- First winner announced: January 31st

**Extended for 2020 new application deadline is January 31st, winner announced in February 2021**



Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must meet the requirements below. Please read the requirements carefully to ensure you meet eligibility before applying.

- For the graduate scholarship - Must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a 4-year, 2-year, vocational, or technical institution in the United States.

- For the high school senior scholarship - all applications submitted during the second application timeline and first application timeline of the following year will be reviewed. College acceptance and enrollment will be verified before awarding scholarship.

- Must be a US citizen or permanent legal resident.

- Must be a single parent or child of a single parent.

- All fields of study and GPAs will be considered.



How to Apply

As a single parent, challenges in life can be more complex than your fellow peers on campus. We want to know, how do you manage your daily tasks, while also being a role-model to your child/children? What is your inspiration to continue your education? How do you spend quality time with your child/children while also being a student?

If you're the child or loved one of a single parent, how has this changed your life? What is your relationship to them? How does having a single parent affect the way you grew up and your view education?

Lastly, we want to know how can this scholarship positively impact your family? What are your aspirations and dreams?

To apply, submit an essay of 500-1000 words in the form below sharing your story based on the questions above. We will choose an applicant that can have the most impact in their family and community. The winner of this scholarship should strive to make a BIG, positive impact in the lives of those around them near and far.


Scholarship Application

Thank you for applying to the MyOrganicCompany Single Parent Scholarship! We will review your application, and be in touch soon!
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Scholarship FAQ

When is the scholarship application deadline?

The scholarship is awarded twice a year. The two application deadlines are June 30th and December 31st. One college student will be selected for each application period. One high school student will be accepted from both application cycles (based on the current school year - for example Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 are one application cycle).

How will application information be used?

Confidentiality is important to us. We will never disclose or distribute any information you submit as part of your application, and will only use your contact information to get in touch to discuss your application. If you win the scholarship, we ask to publish details of your story on the MyOrganicCompany site, but you will have the chance to review and approve everything related to you before it gets published.

What is the scholarship prize?

The scholarship consists of $2,000 for College/Graduate School students and $1,000 for High School Seniors.

When will the winner be chosen and how will they be notified?

The winner will be notified by email 2 weeks before the announcement date. We will choose an applicant that can have the most impact in their family and community. The winner of this scholarship should strive to make a BIG, positive impact in the lives of those around them near and far.

How will the scholarship prize be paid?

The prize check will be sent to the scholarship winner’s college institution in their name and in the name of their institution (depending on the school’s requirements).

How will my application be verified?

Before the scholarship is awarded, the winner will be required to provide a copy of their college transcript as proof of their enrollment. For High school seniors, proof of enrollment into the college and a transcript from high school.

How can I get in touch with questions?

If you have any questions about the scholarship, just email customercare@myorganiccompany.store and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Are there terms and conditions for the scholarship?

Yes. Terms and conditions are here.



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About MyOrganicCompany


The MyOrganicCompany mission is to help all moms and dads feel happy with their choices and know they are giving their baby the BEST organic food available! We were founded to help Infants and Toddlers grow with only the finest organic and GMO-free formulas from sustainable companies and trusted brands.

We are creating a world with joyful babies, smiling parents, and MyOrganicCompany families.


Scholarship Winners

August 2020

Rachael Hewlett

There is nothing that makes us happier than supporting a strong, single mother who has overcome life's greatest challenges and addictions.

Our scholarship winner, Rachael, is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing through a concurrent program offered with Glendale Community College and Northern Arizona University.

She plans to use her nursing degree by working in a rehab facility, psych unit, or detox where she can provide a safe space for people when they feel most vulnerable. She knows first hand how hard it is to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and she would be honored to help anyone in need.

"Addiction recovery and mental health needs are great in this world today, and I hope to help wherever I can."

Due to COVID-19, Rachael was out of work from her waitressing job as so many others have experienced. She hasn't let this deter her from her goals though!

"I am hoping to pay for school and work 30-35 hours a week so I can still spend some stress free time with my daughter in between work, school, and studying."

We are excited to offer an opportunity for Rachael to spend more time with her daughter and continue being a positive role model in her life.

"I want to show my daughter that you can do anything in life and make your dreams a reality."

We can't wait to see the positive impacts that Rachael will make in everyone's lives and we are so thankful for our customers for helping make this possible!

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