MyOrganicCompany was founded to help Infants and Toddlers grow with only the finest organic and GMO-free formulas from sustainable companies and with trusted brands.

Being parents ourselves, we struggled finding a reliable source of only THE BEST items for our twins. Most local sites are often out of stock or send it very slow while customer care was not trying to help at all.

So we decided to create our own website, and offer parents the satisfaction and happiness that we enjoy ourselves!

Our Vision is that all parents in America have easy access to the best organic formulas available worldwide.

Our mission

Partnering with parents from the early days, for the happiest, healthiest babies.

John Doe

Our Core Values


We are a professional business that only provides the highest quality products from trusted sources. We value transparency and honesty in every step of the process.


Our team is comprised of parents, so we know your personal struggles as many of us have dealt with the same obstacles. We are a compassionate business that will understand your concerns and work as diligently as possible to help you and your family.


As many of our customers know, hope to find the best product for your baby is a real struggle. We hold that hope deep to the core of our values and constantly strive to provide each and every parent that hope for their baby.


Parents are most successful in a community of people that work as a team for the betterment of the whole. We recognize this and thrive in this. Our teamwork behind the scenes in the business is constantly applauded and apparent for our customers. As a team we collaborate daily to provide the absolute best solutions for our most important aspect, YOU - the customer!