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How long should I breastfeed my infant for? How do I know when to stop?

December 07, 2017 1 min read

Everyone has their own interpretations on when to stop breastfeeding. Many mothers try to wean their baby right when they hit 12 months. But really, it is up to you to decide when you feel like stopping. 

Are you not enjoying the breastfeeding time anymore as much as you used to? Then that is a good reason to start weaning your child. If you are not happy then your child will not be happy as well, you shouldn’t have to force yourself into continuing to breastfeed if you don’t enjoy it anymore.

Many also say that if the child is older than one year then he is most likely ready to wean to a bottle. Another sign to pay attention to is if your child cuts down on the amount of time during regular feedings. If your child drinks from a cup and frequently consumes solid food then it might be time to stop breastfeeding. 


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I bought this formula because it's the only one on the market that's whole milk and gets nutrients for baby from the cream of the milk instead of through processed oils like those found in skimmed milk formulas.

Better ingredients and no smell.

I feed my daughter mostly breastmilk, but supplement with formula. I was so unhappy with the ingredients in what was offered at our local grocery store, not to mention the way the formula smells. Our whole family has a milk allergy, so it was no surprise that our Gabi does too. She just started her second box and I've also noticed her gas has decreased significantly.

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My baby loves this formula and it’s one I feel great about. Prompt delivery and great product!

My baby likes it :)

We needed an option to supplement along with breastmilk. So far I don't think he notices a difference!

Great product

We wanted to introduce formula to our baby's feed along with breastmilk. At first I ordered another formula (Holle PRE) and it didn't go well with my baby, she constipated heavily, had gas issues and couldn't really digest that very well (although we gave this formula only once per day). I stopped giving that and reached out to the Organic company customer service and I am glad I did. They not only understood my problem so patiently but also checked if my baby had whole milk allergy, gave suggestions on which baby formula to go for and much more. It is not like any other company which tells you anything and everything to make you purchase their products, they truly care for your baby needs. I was recommended to use Kendamil (0-6 M) for my 4 month old baby by the customer service professional and they gave me one supply of this formula as part of their happy baby guarantee service. I followed the same routine as earlier with one feed per day and still continuing to do that and I couldn't be happier. This formula has suited my baby well and doesn't have any problems as the earlier one. Highly recommend this. :)