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How long should I breastfeed my infant for? How do I know when to stop?

Everyone has their own interpretations on when to stop breastfeeding. Many mothers try to wean their baby right when they hit 12 months. But really, it is up to you to decide when you feel like stopping. 

Are you not enjoying the breastfeeding time anymore as much as you used to? Then that is a good reason to start weaning your child. If you are not happy then your child will not be happy as well, you shouldn’t have to force yourself into continuing to breastfeed if you don’t enjoy it anymore.

Many also say that if the child is older than one year then he is most likely ready to wean to a bottle. Another sign to pay attention to is if your child cuts down on the amount of time during regular feedings. If your child drinks from a cup and frequently consumes solid food then it might be time to stop breastfeeding.

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