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Sometimes getting pregnant can happen as a surprise when you weren't planning for it,and sometimes it seems like it will never happen.

For some women getting pregnant can be very frustrating if they have tried for a long period, but there are no signs of luck. It is important to remember that getting pregnant is a very special and unique things. Some couples therefor get stressed out when it has not been working out and feel like there is pressure on getting pregnant.

There are natural remedies such as Chasteberry tea that can help when you are trying to get pregnant. Chasteberry tea regulates hormones and can help with getting off the pill as well as helping during menstruations complaints. Another famous tea is called the lady-mantel. This tea stimulates the Uterus and regulates the cycle as well. Allow 2 grams of the tea to soak in hot water for ten minutes. This amount can be drank 2 times a day. Additionally, ginger can also be used in tea or as a spice to many foods.

Basil can work wonders when it comes to promoting pregnancy. It stimulates sex drive and the gonads and can be drank as a tea as well. Here it is recommended to take 25 grams of dried basil leaves and allow them to be absorbed in hot water for 10 minutes.

Exercise can be very beneficial in small amounts, people that stress their body and work out too intensely multiple times a week, weaken their body and reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Yoga, swimming and pilates up to 3 times per week for about 30 minutes is ideal.

So by now "the how" is clear and we and we suggest you to check back on our blog site for more infos once 3 months pregnant:)

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