How to wean from breast to bottle

November 22, 2017

How to wean from breast to bottle

Transitioning from breast to bottle can be a huge worry for most mothers, but it usually only takes most about 2 weeks to accomplish. The first step to wean from breast to bottle is to consult with your Pediatrician on a formula that best suits your baby's dietary needs. After purchasing the right formula, find the right time to try introducing the formula while your baby is calm.

Next, slowly switch from bottle back to breast and continue nursing for a few minutes, then switch back to the bottle. Things to keep in mind while weaning are, making sure that you have skin contact with your baby while you switch from breast to bottle. Try to keep movement of the infant to a minimum to avoid confusion of switching to a bottle.  Keeping skin contact will also allow the baby to feel connected to the mother when being fed through the bottle.

Every mother has their own ways and techniques on how to wean from breast to bottle. For some, keeping a schedule of how many breast and bottle feedings they have had on a given day helps them to stay on track. Some mothers like to incorporate as many bottle feedings as possible. Every infant takes a different amount of time to get used to formula bottles, therefore do not panic if your baby takes longer or a shorter time to make the switch.


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