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How To Wean Your Baby Off The Bottle At Night

September 28, 2020 3 min read

Are you wondering how to wean your baby off the bottle at night? You’re not alone, as the bottle is much like a pacifier or a comfy blanket.

When a baby doesn’t have those comfort items, parents tend to hear about it one way or the other. There are a few ways you can try to wean your baby.

Bottle weaning is all about you and your baby’s wishes, so you can adapt these tips to fit any lifestyle.

Bottle Weaning

When it comes to growing up, everything is about meeting developmental milestones. One critical stage is bottle weaning, as it helps prepare little ones for finding freedom.

Other issues, like dietary changes and tooth decay, are also critical factors to consider. There is no need for bottles when a baby is old enough to eat solid foods at mealtimes or sleep through the night.

Here are a few good tips.

  • Don’t Force Bottle Weaning - Introduce the sippy cup and see how your baby responds to formula, juice, or water
  • Only Use A Bottle At Mealtimes - As babies and toddlers notice parents and siblings use cups, they’ll want one, too
  • Introduce Your Baby To A Sippy Cup Early On - Even if your baby does not use a cup, it will become a familiar object
  • Start Bottle Weaning Around Six Months Old- Tongue thrust reflex lessens, and babies begin to eat solids at six months

Night Weaning

Parents often prefer to start with night weaning activities to help improve sleep patterns and to encourage involvement during family meals.

If you are breastfeeding, your little one likely does not get as much sleep as a formula-fed baby as the ingredients are more filling. Moms need sleep, too.

  • When to stop giving a bottle at bedtime: Night weaning should begin when introducing babies to solid foods.
  • When to stop giving a baby a bottle before bed: A baby’s nourishment needs change at the six-month mark, so bedtime is the best time to start the weaning process.
  • 1-Year-Old still waking for night feeds: Start night weaning by reducing the amount of breastmilk or formula your baby drinks at night.

Gentle Night Weaning

If you are having trouble getting started, Gentle Night Weaning may be the best solution for you and your baby. It’s a unique strategy that allows breastfeeding moms to reduce feedings slowly while also reducing the lactation process.

It’s also the ideal time to start a breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule as you can begin to introduce the best 1-year up and 2-years up follow-on formulas.

The best part about gentle night weaning is that you can pace yourself and your baby through the stages. It’s about helping your body and baby adjust to an important milestone.

Some babies get it right away and others need a few weeks and even months to find a sense of independence. Look and listen for your baby’s cues and use that as your guide when deciding on how and when to proceed.

How To Stop Bottle-Feeding At Bedtime

Eventually, you will find your way with how to stop bottle feeding at bedtime. There are a few different methods for a successful outcome.

  • Reduce the formula to water ratio blend until your baby no longer interested in the bottle.
  • Gradually reduce night feedings by reducing the amount your baby drinks while also introducing daytime sippy cup servings during meals.
  • Let your baby choose a special sippy cup to replace the comfortable feeling from the bottle. Make it a special event and celebrate the milestone.
  • Go cold turkey and throw out every bottle. This could be counterproductive, especially if your baby has an attachment and cries all night. Consider your health as well.


There is no perfect strategy for teaching a baby how to wean off bedtime bottle feedings. Every child is different.

This stage can be tough of everyone involved so it is best to use the method that will work best for everyone. If your baby is meeting growth milestones, that is what is most important.

Along with sippy cups, our follow-on formulas will help to ensure babies are meeting growth stages and getting the proper nutrients needed based on their specific age groups.

Ask for our advice if you are unsure of which of our formulas is best suited for your little one. My Organic Company will be glad to answer any questions you have online or by emailing customercare@myorganiccompany.store.

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