Introducing cereals to your baby

July 26, 2018

Introducing cereals to your baby

When your baby turns about 6 months a transition starts to happen and solid food starts to become a daily routine in a baby’s diet.This time can be very exciting for both baby and parents because now you can experiment with different flavours rather than just giving bland milk multiple times a day.While it is still important to breastfeed or bottle feed while you are in the introduction phase of solid food,you can now expand your baby’s pallet and see what he or she likes.

Cereals are not replacements for breastfeeding or bottle feedings,but they can add some additional nutrients in the diet.Decrease in Iron during this time tends to occur more frequently nowadays and needs to be controlled.There are special iron fortified cereals such as rice,meat and vegetables help to keep your baby healthy.

Baby’s love cereals!They love the smooth texture and different taste of cereals.It gives your baby a whole other understanding of what food can taste like since it has only been drinking milk for so long.Parents love cereals as well due to the easy and convenient preparation even on the go.

Some baby’s can be allergic to certain ingredients.Therefore make sure to watch your child when introducing cereals and keep track of which cereals your baby reacts to.Rice cereals tend to be the most trusted and least allergic among baby’s so it’s good to stick with those.

Here are some of ourmost popular Cereals!