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Is "Bio" really the best option for my child?

Parents make it their number one priority to provide the healthiest possible food to their child from early on, but questions always arise whether going Bio is actually the best option.

Fruit and vegetables contain pesticides that are harmful to the body over time, as well as meat that was mass produced includes antibiotics that are passed on to us. There are no chemical fertilizers in organic vegetables, as well as no mass factory farming. Organic farming has very strict rules to maintain the quality of their products and the trust of their customers.

The first few years of your child's life are extremely important. When your baby start to eat solid food it is important to know that the sooner you expose your child to healthy organic food the more the child will familiarize itself with the taste. Whereas if the child is exposed to many unnatural chemicals early on it is harder to change the diet later on.

When it comes to sugar intake or sweets it is extremely important to closely watch how much your child consumes and to establish rules.

The consumption of sugar can quickly get out of hand if not watched by an adult and in some cases can lead to early diabetes or overweight.

A child gets his eating habits from its parents, whether good or bad. Parents are an example and should start as early as possible to introduce healthy food into the household. Create a shopping list together with your kids and allow them to contribute to the grocery shopping. Allow them to smell, feel and taste new vegetables and fruits to get a better understanding for food. This will help children feel included in the healthy diet and help them gain a better understanding of nutrients they need to fuel their body.

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