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Is Breastfeeding really the best?

Breastfeeding is known to be the best way of providing your baby with all the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. But few talk about how hard and stressful breastfeeding can be when things do not work out the way they should naturally. Many mothers talk about their problems with breastfeeding and explain their everyday struggles. Constant back pain, and even breast infections were commonly mentioned, that would burn like hell even weeks later when the baby would latch on.

On the other hand, some mothers did say that this “Hell phase” only lasted for little time and eventually mother and baby were harmonized and breastfeeding seemed like the easiest thing. Although some mothers that had success in breastfeeding went on about their experience with their second or third child that seemed to take a complete turn in many cases.

To their surprise even if the mother is able to breastfeed, not every child is able to! Many mothers drove themselves crazy, spending hundreds of dollars seeing doctors or specialist to get it right. Yes, there are many benefits to breastfeeding such as; all natural nutrients from the mother and no artificial or unknown substances. However, there are many amazing powder milk formulas that mimic breast milk very closely as well.

Whether you chose breastfeeding or bottle feeding, there are always pros and cons to both that can be argued. Compromising some daily lifestyle habits, such as a glass of wine in order to breastfeed or having more flexibility with bottle feedings and allowing the father to contribute in feedings. Please choose ONLY ORGANIC BREAST MILK SUBSTITUTES

In the end, every single mother has to go their own path with the decision they make for themselves and their child. Every child is different as well and things that might have worked for your first child might differ for the second or third or fourth….

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