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Organic Formula Guide and how do European Organic Standards differ to American Standards?

It is widely known that European organic baby formula is very popular due to it’s high quality ingredients. There are much stricter regulations when it comes to sugar along with other food additives in Europe than in the US. Additives such as Carrageenan as well as lycopene and lutein, which are found in baby formulas here in the US, are banned in Europe to ensure good quality in formula for infants. For this reason, people recommend to use European organic baby formulas

Companies such as Holle and HiPP are so called Demeter farms which allow their cows to feed grass free of pesticides and or any chemical fertilizers which then produce the best possible quality of milk to be used for formula. Also, HiPP and Holle have also newly introduced “Stage Pre” which is a formula that uses lactose in place of a traditional sweetener.

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