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Traveling and Vacationing 

with your Baby

It’s summer and you are looking forward to booking a vacation with your family, including you baby. For mother’s, traveling with their baby can be a very stressful and scary thought to begin with, but there are many things that can make the whole traveling process a lot easier if you consider a few things in advance.

If you know your flight will be long then you should consider a so called “baby bed” these are perfect for long distance flights and allow your baby to get rest. Another tip is to book an overnight flight if possible. Overnight flights are easier for your baby to handle due to the Sleeping cycle, which gets messed up if you keep your baby up for longer or when exposed to sunlight when trying to go to sleep.

If you are breastfeeding use your cover to avoid weird looks. If you are Formula Feeding, just tell the TSA that you carry formula powder. Get hot water at starbucks after security check as you aren't allowed to carry liquids through security. Never trust the hot water they offer you on board- its just never sterile and therefore no good for your baby. Mix the formula as you need to while on board.

During takeoff and landing people tend to experience pressure on their ears. This pressure varies from age but is known to affect especially young baby’s. A pacifier or bottle may help minimize the pressure in the ears. One very important thing to know is that there is no baby food available on board, therefore you need to bring your own with you on the plane. Liquids such as milk are available and provided on board, as well as warming up the bottle.

If for some reason you run out of diapers on the plane, there is still no need to worry, because the plane carries extra diapers. You will be able to change your baby’s diaper in the restroom on board.

Here are some smart tips to consider when planning a vacation with your baby:

When you are booking the flight, let the aircraft know that you will be traveling with child to reserve a baby bed in advance.

You can log in 23 hours before your flight and reserve your desired seats. You can use a stroller up shortly until the flight and right after the flight.

It will get cold on the plane, therefore pack an extra pair of clothes and socks for your baby.

Take baby food or formula with you on board, (milk or water is provided on board).

If you consider all of these tips you should be more than ready to fly comfortably and safely with your baby.

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