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What are the benefits to breastfeeding my infant?

Will formula not provide the same benefits?

Let’s be real, no matter what, breast milk will always be the best solution for your infant. There is simply no other way to say the truth. Cow’s milk and other manufactured formulas are not necessarily bad for your baby, they still provide important nutrients to your baby and provide it with dietary needs. Nevertheless, it just isn’t the complete mother nature milk that has far more benefits for your infant that only you can provide. Breastfeeding does not just provide better nutrition, it creates an emotional bond between mother and child.

It has been proven that children that have a secure attachment with their mothers, tend to be more independent than children who were not breastfed or stopped being breastfed too early. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing that mothers get to experience. It’s the little moments that count, such as having skin to skin contact with you baby and feeling your baby falling asleep in peace

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