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What formula is best for babies suffering with acid reflux?

Acid reflux is when the contents in the stomach flow back into the infant's esophagus, which results with the infant vomiting or spitting up. Acid reflux is very common among infants, however, there are severe cases of it, symptoms include, excessive crying, tender tummy, infant not gaining weight and gagging while being fed. In common cases of mild acid reflux a few small adjustments can be made to better or resolve the problem.

Burping your baby after a meal as often as possible to release gas, as well as the infant sleeping at an incline, avoiding tight diapers and avoiding to bounce the baby shortly after it has been feed. Formulas for a child struggling with these symptoms are called “anti reflux’ formulas. These formulas are specialized to make sure that no food flows back into the esophagus which will prevent the acid reflux from occurring.

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