What important things to consider with babycare to make you and your infant feel calm and relaxed

Now that your baby has finally been born after the long months of waiting, you are able to take him/her home and start a new chapter of your life. Many new mother’s and father’s have questions regarding the first few days at home with their newborn…Here are a few things that will help parents and child to stay calm and relaxed.

Especially mother’s are often overwhelmed with a feeling of joy and love when they spend their first days at home with their baby. During this time it is important to stay calm and enjoy the time and bond between you and your child. It is important to be in a quiet environment with no loud noises surrounding mother or child. The mother needs time to rest from the stressful pregnancy and regain all the energy. A healthy diet filled with vitamins and proteins helps, as well as walks outside to regain strength.

Newborn baby’s have very sensitive skin that can easily get irritated. Therefore it is important to change diapers after every nap and after each feeding. To clean, a warm wet towel can be used at first. The area of the bum should be kept dry and clean at all times. Baths are not necessarily needed in the first few days but can be included in the cleaning routine every 3 days or so. Face, hands and feet although should be cleaned with a warm towel daily.

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It is very important to stay relaxed during this time. The baby can sense when parents are stressed out and causes the baby to feel anxious or uneasy when there are too many things going on. The baby should feel safe and calm. Make sure you are supporting the head when holding your baby due to the neck not being able to straighten and support itself yet.

Involve the father in as much of the activities as possible. Changing diapers, bathing and cuddling and embracing the child can all be done by the father as well, and should be! As it is equally important to build a relationship and bond between baby and father.

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