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What kind of Baby clothes are the best and most comfortable?

Although those jeans or that cute baby wedding suit might look absolutely adorable, they aren’t as comfortable for your baby as you think they are…

Babies move around a lot, therefore you do not want to clothes them in tight jeans or dresses. When picking clothes for your child consider soft materials that are high quality such as organic cotton or wool. These materials do not include any harmful chemicals that can harm your baby’s soft skin and cause irritation or redness. These clothing items should be flexible and give the baby room to move around freely.

Also, when a new item of clothing is purchased it should be washed at least 3 times before it is worn. Washing newly clothing items multiple times ensures that most chemicals are washed out. Here is is important to allow clothing to completely dry before washing is again, due to new bacteria build up if the clothes are still wet.

Choosing the right laundry detergent is another very important step. Here you wanna make sure that the detergent is hypoallergenic and has no or little scent or dyes.

Often times, a baby’s clothes have to be changed multiple times due to constant stains from food or spills. Here the stain should be treated before washing although without harsh chemicals. There are multiple soaps that do not include chemicals and that can get rid of stains fast and easy.

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