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What to consider when choosing infant formula for your baby

What to consider when choosing infant formula for your baby

Choosing the right formula for your baby can often be a very stressful time for mother's, there are formulas for almost every dietary need. Therefor, there are some steps you should consider when buying a formula for your infant.

First you should make sure that you find a formula that is recommended for your baby's age. Formulas for a newborn baby consist of different Vitamins and are designed to provide a newborn with certain dietary needs at different stages of their lives.

If your baby has some sort of allergic reactions or allergies in general, then a HA formula (Hypoallergenic) should be considered. However, HA formulas do not benefit infants allergic to cow’s milk, to treat these kinds of symptoms an Extensively Hydrolysed Formula, also known as EHF would be suitable. Yet, if your baby doesn't have any allergies or does not require any special types of formulas then it is really up to you to decide which formula is easier for you to use. “Ready to use formulas” tend to be a popular choice, it is already premade and ready to serve. Along with many other options such as, liquid concentrate formulas, powdered formulas and many more to choose from. Please consult with your Pediatrician before starting or changing formulas to ensure the health of your baby. 




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