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Why does HiPP use different formulations in NL, UK and Germany? What are the different regulations?

It is well known that european baby formula quality is very popular and known to have tighter regulations when it comes to ingredients used in the formulas. In european farms, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in farming. It is also known that there are no genetic modifications of animals or plants. In general, the overall regulations are stricter than in the U.S and other parts of the world.

Why are all of these things important? These regulations play a huge difference in the outcome and production of the formula due to the cow being fed on grass that is way more natural and healthier than grass that is sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. That way the cow eats healthier, which comes to a result of the milk produced being healthier to use in formulas. Europe also does not allow any corn syrup, glucose, fructose, rice syrup, table sugar in their formulas. Instead they use different sweeteners such as lactose in their formulas. 

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