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Holle Bio Stage 3 Organic Baby Formula

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Why we love Holle Stage Three

  • Great for babies from 10 months +
  • No added sugar
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Calcium for healthy bones
  • No wheat, soy, or peanut ingredients
  • Free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, and flavors
  • Biodynamic, Demeter, and Organic Certified (Organic ++)
  • Chemical-free farming and positive animal husbandry
  • Gluten-Free
  • Iron fortified
  • Main carbohydrate is lactose
  • GMO-Free
  • 600g / 21oz of formula powder

Product Description

For babies 10+ months and older, Holle Stage 3 makes the perfect organic formula. It is suitable for replacing breastmilk, as its natural properties mimic the essential nutrients. Formulated with selective ingredients and blended with a variety of vitamins and minerals. You will never see artificial flavors, preservatives, or chemicals in Holle products. Each box contains 600g / 21oz of formula and Holle Stage 3 instructions.

Holle baby formula stage 3 contains all the vitamins and minerals babies need to live healthy lives. With lactose as the main carbohydrate and added vitamins D—you won't have to worry about calcium deficiency in babies. Holle never uses soy in their products, as soy can cause damaging effects to infants. Additionally, a boost of both vitamins A and C are added to support the immune system. No added sugars, wheat, eggs, soy, or peanuts are in Holle Organic Formulas.

Holle Formula Stage 3 is created from 99% organic ingredients. All formulas are EU organic certified and come from biodynamic, Demeter fields. Unlike factory farms, the cows on organic biofields are treated sustainably and are never dehorned. The lush vegetation on the biodynamic fields improves the overall taste and quality of the milk.

Holle adds vegetable oil to support healthy digestion and to provide essential fatty acids. At Holle, only organic starch and maltodextrin make their way into formulas—this gives Holle its signature creamy taste.

What is the difference between Holle Stage 2 and 3? While Holle Stage 2 is suitable for babies 6-12 months, Holle Stage 3 is ideal for 10+ months. It is recommended once your baby is 12+ months, to switch to Holle Stage 4 Formula. If you are considering which Holle formula, pick the formula most suitable for your baby's age.

Holle Stage 3 contains all the natural ingredients mothers want, and babies need. American brands do not have to meet the strict regulations that EU organic certified brands do. If you're going to raise your baby the natural, safe way—we highly recommend Holle Stage 3.

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More Information


Instructions will also be included in your order.

Please refer to our Mixing Instructions Guide for charts and more!

AgeWater OuncesScoopsMixed OuncesBottles per Day

After 10 Months





Bring water to be used up to a rolling boil. Pour water into sterilized bottle and then cool to between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator.


Pour 3/4 of the water into another sterilized bottle and add formula according to the above chart. For proper measurement and the health of your baby, use the spoon included with the formula. Each spoon should be filled flat and not heaping.


Close the bottle tightly and shake the powder until it is completely dissolved.