What are the advantages of our subscription model?

  • We know for a mother every second is valuable! By setting up a subscription you don’t have to think about worry anymore if you have enough formula, diapers or other products you need anyway.
  • If you use our subscription model you save 15% on every order. This saves our customers on average $200 - $500 a year depending on your very unique needs!
  • As a subscription customer, you are always priority to us with the advantage of extra subscriber inventory and always get shipped first!


How can I set up a subscription?

Setting up a subscription is very easy – follow these easy steps:


Search for the product you want to order and simply click on the product. In this example, I picked one of our best selling products „Hipp Combiotic UK Stage 1“.



After clicking on the product, you will see the product overview page looking like this.


  1. Choose the quantity and save even more when buying multiple units.
  2. To subscribe use the „Subscribe & Save 15%“ -option and set your delivery frequency. Don’t worry you can change all these settings every time on in your subscription management interface.
  3. Press on the add to cart button.


After clicking on the „Add to Cart“ Button your subscription product will show up on your card and you can see the shipping interval in the products description (in this case „Every 1 Week") Now simply click on the „Check Out“ button and follow all the steps and your subscription will be activated.

There is nothing else you need to do to activate your subscription!

You can add as many products to your subscriptions as you want and you can have different shipping intervals. And always keep in mind you can change everything yourself all the time in your subsections interface (more about the interface you find further down in this article).

How can I manage my subscriptions?


To be able to manage your subscription you can simply login to your account if you already created one. Just click here

And login using your e-mail address and your password.

If you haven't created an account yet don’t worry - just create one by using the SAME E-MAIL ADRESSE as you used to order your subscription, our system will then automatically display all your orders and subscriptions connected to this e-mail addresses!


How can I modify or change my subscriptions?

Our new software and interface make it very easy for you to do all the changes you want to make in no time!


After login in you will see your account overview page.




To manage your subscriptions click on „Manage Subscriptions“ located in the Account Details box.

#4 After clicking on the "Manage Subscription“ Button you will find this interface.


This menu will allow you to manage every detail:

View / Update Card
This will allow you to view and update your credit card details

Update Addresses

This will allow you to update your Shipping Addresses

Update Shipping Method

This will allow you to update and change your shipping method

Change Upcoming Order Date

This will allow you to change upcoming orders

Upcoming Orders

This will allow you to see and skip upcoming orders


This will show you all transactions from the past

Product QTY

This will allow you to change your product quantity

Manage Discounts

This will allow you to add or manage your discounts

Swap Products

This allows you to easily swap products – for example, if you want to move to the next state you can simply use our swap products function.

Add Product to Subscription

This will allow you to add as many products as you wish to your subscription.

Cancel Order

Will allow you to cancel your order

We are here for you!

If you have any other questions or need help, remember we can also do all changes for you!

Please contact us here