Kabrita Preparation

1. Start with water

Whatever amount of formula you want to prepare, begin by pouring the desired amount of warm water into a clean bottle or sippy cup. It’s important to add water first – when powder is added first, the water measurement on the bottle will no longer be accurate.

2. Add formula

Using the enclosed scoop, add the same number of scoops of power as you did oz of water. So, for a 4 oz bottle, add 4 unpacked scoops; for an 8 oz bottle, add 8 unpacked scoops.

3. Mix it up

Cap the bottle or sippy cup and shake vigorously.

If you aren’t going to be using the mixed formula immediately, ensure it’s sealed and refrigerated, and use within 24 hours. Formula left in the bottle after a feed should be discarded. As with all food preparation, it’s essential that your hands be washed thoroughly with soap and water before you begin preparation.