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The US has allowed the importation of baby formula to cater to the increasing demand for infant nutrition. However, this move has sparked concerns among families about the safety of their loved ones. 

Parents may need clarification regarding the guidelines established to ensure the health of their infants. This article addresses one concern parents may have: whether European baby formulas undergo irradiation.

Food Iradiation

First, let's understand what irradiation is and how it affects the nutritional value of baby formula. Irradiation is a food processing method that involves exposing food products, including baby formula, to radiation. Although this process is believed to improve food safety in some countries, studies have found that it can create harmful byproducts that may negatively affect the health of infants.

Studies have shown that these harmful byproducts can increase the risk of cancer and significantly reduce the amount of essential vitamins and minerals in American baby formula. These nutrients are crucial for infants' healthy growth and development, making it necessary to consider the potential risks associated with irradiated baby formula.

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Differences between USA and European Formula Regulations

Food irradiation is authorized in more than 60 countries worldwide. Over 500,000 metric tons of food are irradiated annually, including in regions such as the European Union and the United States. However, it is crucial to note that the regulations governing food irradiation and the types of food allowed to undergo the process differ significantly from one country to another.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has permitted the irradiation of imported foods from foreign countries in the United States. The irradiation process involves exposing food items to three types of radiation: X-rays, Gamma rays, and Electron beams. Despite the FDA's assertion that irradiated food is safe, some studies have demonstrated the negative impact of radiation on our food supply.

In Austria, Germany, and other European Union countries, irradiation is permitted only for dried herbs, spices, and seasonings at a specific dose. It's worth noting that European baby formula is not allowed to undergo this process, regardless of the amount. So, families can rest assured that their babies are not exposed to irradiation in any way through the consumption of baby formula in Europe.

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What You Need to Know Before Importing a European Formula

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialist will visually and physically inspect each order to ensure compliance with the requirements of agriculture admissibility. They will check the baby formula for any signs of non-compliance, such as contamination or prohibited ingredients. 

If they detect any issues, they will conduct a more thorough inspection to determine whether the formula can be admitted into the United States. The agriculture specialist will also ensure that your infant's formula is transported safely to the U.S. without unnecessary radiation exposure. 

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialist plays a crucial role in protecting the health and safety of infants in the United States by checking baby formula for compliance with admissibility requirements and ensuring safe transportation.

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Irradiation-Free Baby Formula

European brands are dedicated to providing the highest-quality baby formula that meets the nutritional needs of infants around the world. The formula is designed to support infants’ developmental and digestive needs and offer different options to all families regardless of their nutritional preferences.

The baby formula produced in the EU is subject to strict regulations and standards, which include a farm-to-bottle approach. This system ensures that every step of the process, from the farm to the final product, is monitored and controlled. The EU infant nutrition regulations have a thorough system of checks and balances that test for any trace of pesticides, chemical additives, or toxic ingredients, making sure that the formula is safe for consumption. Additionally, the regulations prohibit the use of irradiation, which can cause unsafe byproducts.

Baby Formula Ingredients

The ingredients used in European baby formula are of the highest quality and must meet strict standards to ensure they are clean and pure. This ensures that the formula is produced in a way that respects the animals, land, and community. Manufacturing and formula creation are carefully monitored to ensure the highest standards are met, resulting in a high-quality product that parents can trust.

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Non-Irradiated Baby Formula

At My Organic Company, we are a small family-owned company. We ensure that your baby receives pure, clean, organic nutrition by working with certified European baby formula distributors and using some of the best shipping and storage methods in the industry.

At each process step, we diligently ensure that shipments are labeled correctly and contain the paperwork needed to get through customs without further inspection or, worse, irradiation. 

Perhaps the most essential part of the process is having a personal relationship with our European buyers, who ensure that your little one’s European baby formula is bought and cared for using ethical and safe practices.

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European Baby Formula

My Organic Company is passionate about providing your family with only the best organic nutrition

We provide European baby formulas free of harmful ingredients and go the extra mile to ensure your infant’s nutrition is not exposed to dangerous radiation. We are proud to be a trusted source of breastfeeding alternatives and supplements that meet every stage and digestive need of your baby's first years. 


Please be aware that this information is based on general trends in babies, and it is not medical advice. Your doctor should be your first source of information and advice when considering any changes to your child’s formula and when choosing your child’s formula. Always consult your pediatrician before making any decisions about your child’s diet or if you notice any changes in your child.

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients they need for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

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Renee is an infant nutrition consultant and a full-time writer. Due to her experience in seeking better nutrition for her premature daughter, she advocates for European baby formula. Renee is fully committed to contributing value to this critical area of child development as a mother of a large family, foster parent, and adoption supporter.

Renee enjoys camping outdoors, swimming, and hiking with her family when she is not working.

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