How does European baby formula storage affect your baby's nutrition?

February 19, 2021

How does European baby formula storage affect your baby's nutrition?

Delivering the very best in pure healthy nutrition to your baby is our first priority! We are diligent at every step of the process to ensure your European formula arrives at your door with all the protein, vitamins, and minerals intact to support proper growth and development.

When deciding on European baby formula as the best alternative to breast milk, parents often wonder how the powdered infant formula is stored and shipped if the quality of their littles ones' nutrition is ever put at risk.

European Baby Formula Powder Storage

Storage and transportation is a vital part of how My Organic Company is able to bring your family infant formula all the way from Europe. Each step of the process is designed to ensure your baby's nutrition remains in excellent condition as it makes its way to your home.

We work tirelessly with our suppliers and warehouse facilities to stay on top of the latest research on proper storage to ensure the best conditions for boxes and tins of formula that wait for your order.

Baby Formula Storage Temperature

Some of the most important data on storage comes from food chemistry researchers at the Sapienza University of Rome. A study was conducted with 30 formula samples at different temperatures and monitored over the course of a year.

The aim of this study was the evaluation of the stability of infant milk formulas under different storage conditions and scenarios while pushing the limits of when the powdered baby formula would become compromised.

The observers used powder milk formulas, sealed in their original packaging that were stored at different temperatures and monitored at varying times of the year. The scientist's main concern is for a breakdown in nutrients caused by temperature variations, oxidation, and MDA.

MDA (Malondialdehyde) is the chemical change of lipids that have been found in heated edible oils such as sunflower, coconut, and palm oils that are used as an ingredient in baby formulas and can be unsafe when consumed in improper amounts.

The stability after opening of the products was also monitored, simulating the conditions a family might see with regular use at home, in order to assess the real exposure risk of babies to oxidation and degradation of nutrients in products.

In summarization, the researchers found that even when powdered formulas were stored in very severe conditions for short amounts of time they still exhibited “good stability of the analyzed products.” Furthermore, after opening of their original packaging, not only the storage conditions of the sealed products are important, but also the time and temperature after opening have to be considered.

Baby Formula Storage Guidelines

Having this information helps our quality control teams at home and abroad to determine shelf life of products in warehouse situations during every season of the year. Based on these findings, we can confidently say that all European baby formulas My Organic Company carries will never be stored in a way to harm the nutrients that are important to your little one’s present and future health.

All boxes and tins are carefully inspected and packaged before shipping to make sure that your baby formula arrives at your door in excellent condition and without puncture or breaking of the protective seal.

We guarantee that your infant formula will be stored and delivered in accordance to the highest quality control standards in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Formula Storage Container

Equally significant, research has shown that after opening of the original packaging of European baby formula, the storage conditions of the sealed products are extremely important.

Please remember, once a milk formula pouch is opened, it is exposed to environmental factors that can affect the quality of the nutrition. Formula left exposed to the open air at any temperature for an extended amount of time can lead to dangerous bacteria and unwanted MDA levels.

When storing powdered baby formula that comes to your door in canisters, such as Holle A2, Loulouka and Kendamil goat milk, moving the powder to another container is not necessary. The tin is sturdy, convenient and is easily well sealed. Place these formulas on a shelf or in a dark cool environment in between feedings.

For boxes that contain sealed pouches, like Holle cow's milk-based formula and Lebenswert, many parents prefer to move their formula to another container for ease of access, convenience of the size and shape, and the ability to make sure the nutrition inside is well contained and kept free of contaminants.

Our Commitment to Quality is Our Commitment to Your Family

From the soil your formula is sourced in, to powder in your baby's bottle, My Organic Company takes every detail at every stage very seriously.

Throughout our entire supply chain we have put endless hours of research and time to make sure your little one only receives the very best in healthy, clean, organic nutrition.

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