Best Organic Baby Formula: 2023 Parent's Guide

When it comes to feeding your baby, most agree that mother's milk is the most complete food for babies in the first year of life. It helps them grow healthy and strong and protects them from infections and illness.

When breastmilk is not available or supplementing is necessary, where do you turn to get complete nutrition? Which baby formula has the right balance of protein, natural sugar, fat, and vitamins to help your baby grow and develop?

Choosing a baby formula perfect for your little one’s age and nutritional needs can be overwhelming at best. The good news is we have done the research for you.

This in-depth guide will educate you on the best organic baby formulas, explain why European baby formula is superior, and help you decide which baby formula is the best of the best.

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American Baby Formula VS. European Baby Formula

When searching for baby formulas, comparing European baby formulas and American baby formulas is a great place to start.

European baby formulas are rising in popularity because of the pure organic nutrition they provide starting from birth. The health benefits associated with European formulas are many and have life long benefits.

American baby formulas are certainly not held to the same standards as European baby formula. Unfortunately, many top brands contain artificial ingredients and chemicals that risk your infant's health today and in the future.

Baby Formula Standards between USA and EU | My Organic Company

American Standards

There are only three primary producers of organic baby formula in the US, and pharmaceutical businesses own them. Many parents question if money is the bottom line for these companies.

The Food and Drug Administration sets the guidelines for all food products including baby formula. These guidelines are very basic and do not put restrictions on the way carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can be included in products.

United States baby formula manufacturers list chemicals, fillers, and unnatural preservatives as their main ingredients.

Questionable animal practices in American farming, including the use of hormones and steroids as well as crowded and unclean living environments, are used on American dairy farms - the same farms that provide the lactose for popular baby formula brands.

European Standards

European formula companies are owned by families and individuals. These companies were often started because of their own children’s nutritional needs.

EU companies use only the very best in natural foods, never adding any harmful chemicals, fillers, or altered ingredients.

European organic certification standards go above and beyond. Taking in account every aspect of soil composition, animal welfare, labeling, and final production.

European standards meet the highest levels when it comes to animal husbandry and care environments. Hormones and steroids are never used. The animals live and eat in organically grown fields or higher standard certification farms (Red Tractor Certification) as well.

Organic American Formula VS. Organic European Formula

Organic European Formula VS Organic American Formula Differences | My Organic Company

There are significant differences in American organic standards and European organic standards.

American organic standards are set by the Food and Drug Administration. FDA policies do not exclude lab-made nutrients and preservatives from eligibility for use in baby formula, allowing for unethical formula manufacturers to include these additives to their products.

Some of the ingredients are healthy and needed in our body, but the source that these ingredients are coming from are not natural and therefore, are not truly organic.

Some of the potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients that you should look out for in American formula products that have been banned from European formulas:

Ascorbyl palmitate

Beta carotene





European countries must follow stringent rules to ensure the safety and nutritional composition of baby formula, infant cereals, and other baby related food stuffs. These rules and guidelines are set by the European Union (EU).

The makers of European baby formula follow organic farming methods that are holistic and eco-friendly. From soil to production, European farming practices take into account animal health and husbandry, as well as economic and long term social aspects of farming.

The EU Organic certification requires the following:

No GMOs ever used

No hormones or steroids used on animals or added

Antibiotics are only used to keep animals healthy

Minimum of 95% of organic ingredients

Cows and goats are fed a 100% organic grass diet

Multiple quality checks from soil to production

No preservatives or synthetics are added at any point of the process

Closest to Resembling Breast Milk

European Formula is closest to resembling breastmilk | My Organic Company

When looking for the highest-quality baby formula that is most like breast milk, you will want to make sure that your little one's baby formula is organic, made with wholesome ingredients, and has as many of the same properties and nutrients as you would find in breast milk.

European baby formulas go to extra length to provide essential nutrition and immunity-boosting properties of breast milk while adhering to strict organic regulations.

Organic Lactose as the primary carbohydrate.

Organic Vegetable Oil as a combination of organic rapeseed/canola, palm, sunflower, and/or coconut oils-mimic the complex blend of fatty acids in breast milk.

Whey added to some formulas to make the protein ratios similar to proportions of whey and casein found in breast milk.

Prebiotics and Probiotics are often added to European formulas as immunity-boosting healthy microbes. Organic long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids like DHA and ARA are components of breastmilk.

Prebiotics such as galacto-oligosaccharides are very similar to human milk oligosaccharides while natural probiotics like Lactobacillus are commonly found in breast milk, along with other types of natural lactic acid bacteria.

Organic Lactose | My Organic Company

Types of Organic Formula and High Quality European Formula

Types of Organic Formula | My Organic Company

The most widely used base for organic baby formula is Whole cow milk protein-based formulas and skimmed milk formula options. 

The carbohydrate - lactose - in these special formulas are sourced from organic, grass fed cows. Most organic cow’s milk formulas are made with skimmed milk that has been supplemented with a blend of organic vegetable oils to achieve a fatty acid profile similar to breast milk. 

Vitamins and minerals are also added in quantities that are appropriate to the correct stage and age of infant development

Whole goat milk protein-based formulas and skimmed milk formula options, contain a tenth less lactose than cow's milk. 

A2 milk

Provides a healthy alternative for babies that are intolerant to cow’s dairy and provides the same nutrients as cow’s milk formulas.

Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized, has smaller fat globules with a smaller, lighter curd, and is generally easier to digest than cow’s milk.

Soy Milk Based Baby Formula:

In the United States many parents turn to soy when looking for an alternative to cow’s milk formulas. Due to negative long term effects (known and unknown) of consuming soy during an infant’s precious developmental stages, it is generally not recommended.

Important Reasons to reconsider a soy-based baby formula are:

Phytic Acid which is present in the outer protective covering of all seeds and blocks the absorption of critical minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc - all required for optimal brain and neurological development.

Trypsin Inhibitors, which are found in large amounts inside soybeans, inhibit digestion and absorption of nutrients; studies show their presence prevents normal growth of the developing brain.

The Biggest Danger of using soy is the phytoestrogens (plant estrogens called isoflavones) found in all soybeans. Containing up to 4,500 times the level of phytoestrogens found in cow’s milk or breastmilk, phytoestrogens are potent human endocrine disruptors.

Due to the significant potential dangers when infants consume soy daily, this type of formula should only be used as a last resort.

Perfect for babies who have allergies or sensitive stomachs. Right for the little one that has acid reflux, upset stomach, spitting up, or frequent skin rashes. 

Amino acid-based formulas are Hydrolyzed formula in which the milk proteins have been broken down into more manageable sizes.

For babies that have digestive issues and food sensitivities. Right for allergies, lactose intolerance, fussy and colicky babies, acid reflux issues, and more. Typically contains prebiotics and probiotics for digestion.

Soy Milk Based Baby Formula | My Organic Company

Comparing Ages VS. Stages of Baby Formula

Formula Stages | My Organic Company

American Baby Formula:

For the most part American baby formula has a one-size-fits-all system; giving newborns and older babies the same nutrition across the board.

This broad treatment of formula feeding does not meet the specific developmental or nutritional requirements that individual infants deserve.

European Baby Formula:

One of the many benefits of European baby formula is the labeling for ages, developmental needs, and nutritional needs.

Each and every child is unique, and all children develop and grow at different rates. The stages of European baby formula are specific to the phase of nutritional development the baby is in, as opposed to their calendar age.

Stages in European baby formulas have a very specific balance of fats, proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates; this allows parents and caregivers to find the baby formula that is best suited to the individual child’s current needs.

Let’s Take a Look at Each Stage of European Baby Formula:

Stage PRE Baby Formula:

Specifically for newborns or premature infants, PRE stage formula is the most gentle of all the stages. Stage PRE formula is designed to be a breastmilk supplement as well as a complete nutritional option when breastfeeding is not possible.

All formulas in this stage are free of added sugar, maltodextrin, starch, and gluten. They all meet the highest European baby formula standards, giving your newborn nutrition that is completely free of steroids, pesticides, hormones, and chemicals.

Stage 1 Baby Formula:

These gentle formulas are best used from b;.l/'irth to 6 months. Some parents even use stage one all the way through the first year because of its simple organic ingredients.

Stage 1 Baby Formulas are the best starting point if you are weaning a breastfed baby to formula, as they are gentle and as close in composition to breastmilk as possible.

You will find a perfect balance of nutrition that meets the highest European baby formula standards completely free of steroids, pesticides, hormones, and chemicals. Plus, there are extra carbohydrates in stage one baby formula, which helps to meet the caloric needs of a growing infant.

In this stage you will not find added sugars, wheat, soy, or peanuts. Each formula is gluten free and all European baby formulas are 100% organic or highly certified and GMO free.

Stage 2 Baby Formula:

For babies who are 6 months and older, this stage is well suited for infants who eat few or no solids, or still need a supplement to breast milk. 

Growing babies who have a higher calorie need or those who are no longer satisfied at each feeding will benefit from this stage.

Pure nutrition free of added sugars, wheat, soy, or peanuts continues to be a priority in this stage and all stages of European baby formulas. Giving your baby this quality nutrition helps them thrive and meet developmental milestones.

Stage 3 Baby Formula:

At 10 months and older, families may notice that their baby is no longer satisfied with their current baby formula. This stage offers higher calorie nutrition and has more vitamins and minerals that are appropriate for their growing body.

As solids are introduced into your little one’s diet, European baby formula is an integral part of a balanced menu.

Whether 100% organic or high quality non-organic, this stage is free of sugars and unwanted additives. Stage 3 baby formula continues to give your little one nutrition that is completely free of steroids, pesticides, hormones, and chemicals.

Stage 4 Toddler Formula:

This stage is for little ones from the age 12-24 months, and older. For baby’s transitioning to toddlerhood, they are getting a good amount of their calories from solid foods, but pediatricians still recommend daily amounts of milk consumption.

Some parents transition to whole milk from the local grocery store, whereas other parents use formula.

Toddler formulas are intended as a perfect supplement to mothers' milk and regular meals to ensure all nutritional needs are met during this passage from baby to toddler.

European formula companies know how important it is that your baby and toddler continue to get only the best nutrition completely free of steroids, pesticides, hormones, and chemicals

Brands of Baby Formula

Formula Brands | My Organic Company

European baby formulas manufacturers are extremely well regarded, with decades of experience in the organic baby food industry. Family owned and operated, they pride themselves on never including sucrose, corn syrup, or synthetic ingredients in their baby formulas.

Sourced from family owned 100% organic and high quality standard farms with humane animal husbandry practices. European baby formula companies have the infant's health and development at heart.

In stark contrast, the majority of American baby food companies are owned by three pharmaceutical companies which represent more than 90% of baby formula sales in the United States.

Using a great deal of GMO additives and sugars (sometimes hidden under names like high fructose corn syrups and glucose syrup solids) as the main carbohydrate to save money, American baby formula companies are risking children's well-being everyday.

With large corporate practices for farming and manufacturing, money inevitably becomes their bottom line.


HiPP was founded in 1899 by Joseph Hipp, when his wife, Maria Oster, had trouble nursing one of their seven children. 

HiPP European baby formula is one of the most popular brands in Europe. Headquartered in Germany, with additional manufacturers in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, makes HiPP one of the most diverse baby formula brands.

HiPP maintains a network of more than 6,000 contracted organic family owned farmers from various countries, which are involved in the production of organic fruit, organic vegetables, and organic meat. HiPP stands as the world’s largest processor of organic-biological raw materials.

HiPP 100% organic and high quality non-organic baby formula is now making waves in the United States. This is in large part due to specialty formulas designed for babies with feeding conditions such as reflux, constipation, gassiness, colic, and milk protein intolerance that aren’t loaded full of nasty ingredients like the specialty formulas in America.

HiPP brand is known for ecological, economical, and social sustainability. “The best of nature. The best for nature” is the standard by which the growth of the company is constantly being measured.


One of the leading brands in European baby formula for over 80 years, Holle has created organic formulas in Demeter quality since 1933.

Within the last 35 years, Holle has been available in over 40 countries across Europe with the headquarters in Riehen, Switzerland.

Holle baby formula is a Demeter Organic ++ Certified EU product that is chemical-free and gluten-free. It also has no added sugar, GMO’s, preservatives, wheat, soy, or nuts. 

Offering 100% organic cow’s milk and goat’s milk formula, many American parents are finding the perfect answer for their sensitive and allergy prone babies with Holle formula.


Also manufactured by Holle, Lebenswert is similar to Holle’s cow milk formula in many ways. Lebenswert formulas have all earned Bioland certification.

Lebenswert formulas feature organic lactose and organic maltodextrin as the main carbohydrate sources, providing babies with longer-lasting and organic sources of nutrition and energy.

Lebenswert refuses to use any ingredients exposed to pesticides or herbicides. As with all European baby formula, Lebenswert is free of hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, so your baby is going to be healthier today and in the future.

Lebenswert is not only sustainable in its practices, but is also forward thinking. Lebenswert donates one cent of each baby formula sold to forest restoration and reforestation projects, so you’ll be supporting an eco-friendly BIO project with each formula purchase


One of the newest and best organic baby formulas from Europe, known for its clean list of ingredients, Loulouka was founded by Peter, Christiaan, and Michael in 2019 after years of research and hard work. Individually, each founder has years of experience in the baby formula business.

The founders of Loulouka each felt that there was not a baby formula on the market that exactly matched their ideals for their own children and in their personal experiences in the organic baby food industry.

Joining forces in 2016, they started developing their own baby formula that fit their collective vision for the perfect baby formula.

The first part of their vision is to make no compromises: they only use skim milk from organic cows and Swiss raw materials.

The second part of the founders vision’ is sustainability across all ingredients, factory processes, and of course the end where the company uses sustainable packaging as well as recycles 100% of its manufacturing waste.


Kendamil baby formula is one of the best options Europe has to offer. This UK brand has the distinction of becoming the first ever baby formula in the world to contain Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), as found in Human breast milk and is the only European baby formula that is certified vegetarian friendly.

Kendamil only uses organic full cream nutrients, plant-based DHA and HMOs to build up your little one’s immune system.

Kendamil ensures the best organic quality by dealing directly with the farmers and pasteurize their milk at their factory - turning it into powder instead of having another company process the milk.

Kendamil 100% organic whole cow’s milk and red tractor certified goat’s milk formula stands out as the gold standard in infant nutrition.

Organic baby formulas, American and European, are more expensive when compared to the over-the-counter conventional formulas found in local big chain stores.

The difference in price comes down to ingredients. Non-organic over-the-counter baby formulas use sugars as the main carbohydrate, fillers, and artificial ingredients.

The pharmaceutical companies that own 90% of the American formula brands use only the very basic guidelines when it comes to choosing what constituents as healthy. These cheaper to produce ingredients may save money now, but they have a huge impact on babies' health today and in the future.

Exposure to harmful chemicals, synthetic nutrients, and processed ingredients can cause stress on the pancreas, liver, and heart, leading to long-term health conditions, such as obesity and heart disease.

Sugars, such as high-fructose corn syrup, have a higher glycemic index making it more difficult for a baby's body to maintain blood sugar levels. This drastic high and low affects babies' mood, heart health, and blood-filtering systems.

Regular intake of high-fructose corn syrup and other inorganically sourced sugars can lead to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, which are both key contributors to diabetes.

As you can see, the money saved now is not worth the long term effect to baby’s health and happiness.


Organic baby formulas never include corn syrup solids or synthetic ingredients.

American and European organic standards include using only non-GMO ingredients, organic lactose as the main carbohydrate, and milk that has been sourced from animals that are never treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.

European baby formula manufacturers then take it to the next level, where American organic baby formulas stop, giving babies ethically-sourced and produced products, milk that comes from 100% grass-fed animals, and European baby formula that will never contain soy products of any kind.

European baby formulas have babies' health in mind when sourcing the very best organic ingredients to support growing bodies and minds. They are never adding any hormones or chemicals from soil to production. 

When it comes to setting a firm foundation for infant health, European organic nutrition is priceless.

Added Value

When ordering any of My Organic Company European baby formulas we offer free shipping on all bulk orders of 6 cans/boxes or more (must be a six pack order or larger, 6 single cans/boxes do not qualify for the free shipping), also the more you order the better price we are able to offer. Find the perfect European brand? Use the subscribe and save button to stack the savings.

Baby Formula Chart Differences | My Organic Company
Baby Formula Chart Differences | My Organic Company
Baby Formula Chart Differences | My Organic Company

Top Recommended Organic Baby Formulas

With so many organic baby formulas to choose from and so many different brands available it can be confusing. Finding the best baby formula to fit nutritionally and developmentally can be a daunting task.

Here we take a look at the top organic brands and how they fit every age, stage and nutritional need.

Best Value European Baby Formula

HiPP UK Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

Why Choose?

Affordability with organic quality, prebiotics, and DHA/ARA

Sale Off
HiPP UK Stage 1 - Baby Formula Combiotic - 800g Organic Formula

HiPP UK Combiotic has given families affordable nutrition without sacrificing nutrition for over 60 years. HiPP is a family owned and operated company that the small details matter when it comes to organic formula feeding.

Made from skim milk, organic whey, prebiotics, and omega 3 and 6, these gentle natural ingredients are manufactured on a biodynamic farm, free of GMOs, preservatives, starch, gluten, wheat, synthetics, or soy.

HiPP UK has prebiotic fiber that makes this cow’s milk formula easier to digest and absorb all the nutrients the baby will need to grow and develop happy and healthy.

Hipp UK Combiotic Stage 1 Perfect for babies from birth to six months. Starch free and with simple natural ingredients this formula is perfect for full time formula-feeding or as a breastfeeding supplement.

Hipp UK Combiotic Stage 2 Ideal for babies older than six months. Easy to digest because of prebiotic fiber, that helps balance the gut flora and extra support with probiotics like lactobacillus cultures keeps baby regular and colic free.

Hipp UK Combiotic Stage 3 For babies over twelve months old. Additional vitamins and gut support is added to help bring balance as the baby tries new solid foods.

Best Overall Organic Baby Formula

Kendamil Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

Why Choose?

Whole Milk option with MGFM, DHA/ARA from Algae Oil instead of Fish Oil, No Palm Oil

Sale Off
Kendamil Stage 1 (0-6 Months) Organic Baby Formula Organic Formula

Crafted with over 58 years’ expertise, Kendamil Organic Baby Formula is the most natural, traceable, and sustainable formula that Europe has to offer.

Made using full-cream milk from 100% grass-fed cows on family run farms, Demeter quality Kendamil uniquely provides babies with natural milk fats, and has proven results in reduced crying and favorable stool consistency.

Kendamil offers organic European baby formula that is the closest match to breastmilk. Kendamil Organic baby formula exclusively includes key nutrients as identified in breastmilk, including HMOs, ARA, nucleotides, taurine, and L-Carnitine.

Kendamil Stage 1 Offers clean, organic nutrition for newborn to 6 months. Perfect to use alongside breast milk or on its own, the natural goodness that comes with each bottle will help your baby to grow to their full potential.

Kendamil Stage 2 Perfect for babies 6-12 months old. Stage 2 makes a fantastic follow-up for little ones adding solids to their diet. Naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients support gastrointestinal health in infants as feeding time evolves.

Kendamil Stage 3 This stage is made specially for toddlers who have fast growing bodies adapting to more playing and high-energy activities. Organic nutrition brings a perfect balance as babies still have not mastered solid meals.

Best Baby Formula with Prebiotics/Probiotics

HiPP German Stage 1 Combiotk

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 600g / 21oz

Why Choose?

Whole Milk option with MGFM, DHA/ARA from Algae Oil instead of Fish Oil, No Palm Oil

Sale Off
HiPP German Stage 1 Combiotic Organic Baby Formula - 600g Organic Formula

HiPP Bio Combiotic is designed with all natural ingredients and both prebiotics and probiotics are added to aid absorption of nutrients and support immature digestive tracts.

This 100% organic formula is gentle on babies' digestive system while giving all the important nutrients to support healthy growth and development.

As with all HiPP baby formulas you will find essential vitamins and minerals, but never any soy, corn syrup, gluten, or synthetic nutrients or preservatives.

HiPP Bio Combiotik PRE For infants 0 to 6 months. This stage is starch free, especially for newborns' delicate systems. Plus, prebiotics and added probiotics help ease digestion.

HiPP Bio Combiotik Stage 1 Provides all the essential nutrients for infants to six months old and is starch free. This formula is gentle enough to be a breastmilk supplement while containing the perfect balance of nutrients to be your little one’s primary nutrition.

HiPP Bio Combiotik Stage 2 This starch free formula is for babies older than six months. Contains prebiotics and probiotics to promote good gut health and digestion.

HiPP Bio Combiotik Stage 3 For babies older than ten months. Contains prebiotics and probiotics to promote good gut health and digestion; perfect as solid food is added to babies diet.

Best Formula for Transitioning from Breast to Bottle

Holle Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 400g / 14oz

Why Choose?

Biodynamic & Demeter organic certified, Maltodextrin for fuller tummies, No added prebiotics/probiotics

Sale Off
Holle Bio Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula Organic Formula

Holle Cow’s Milk Formula is made with simple, pure ingredients from one of the most well respected brands of European baby formula.

The balance of whey and casein proteins make this the perfect formula for babies transitioning from breast milk to formula or who are supplementing for the first time.

Holle is made with 100% grass-fed alpine cow’s milk sourced from biodynamic farms that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Holle Stage PRE formula a nutritious baby formula made for babies from birth to six months, lactose-based, and without any maltodextrin.

Holle Formula Stage 1 is made for babies up to six months and contains vitamins and minerals for immunity, digestion, and bone strength.

Holle Formula Stage 2 provides all the nutrients your growing baby needs for healthy brain development, immune strength, and digestion.

Holle Formula Stage 3 provides nutrients for babies over ten months who are starting to eat solids.

Holle Formula Stage 4 vitamin D and iron rich follow on milk for toddlers over twelve months.

Best Demeter Bioland Organic Formula

Lebenswert Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 500g / 17.6oz

Why Choose?

Bioland Organic Certified, No added Maltodextrin or extras - most basic and essential ingredients

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Lebenswert Stage 1 Organic Baby Milk Formula Organic Formula

Lebenswert Baby Formula has a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids. This gentle baby formula has all the vitamins and minerals your baby will need to grow, without added artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Full of essential nutrients, such as vitamins C, A, D, B, and zinc to give your baby a healthy body and immune system; all of this while being GMO and gluten free, so it is good for your baby’s digestive system.

Nourishing your baby with zero sugars, no synthetic ingredients, and no chemicals from 100% grass-fed animals.

Lebenswert Stage 1 Formulated for infants to six months, providing the perfect balance between nutritious purity and taste. It’s also ideal for babies who have a sensitive palette or need an organic baby formula that is gluten-free.

Lebenswert Stage 2 Ideal for babies older than six months who require an easy-to-digest organic formula that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals a growing baby needs to grow healthier and meet earlier developmental milestones.

Lebenswert Stage 3 Perfectly formulated for babies older than ten months to help boost intellect and growth while giving balanced nutrition for babies that have added solid food to meal time.

Best Organic Toddler Formula

HiPP Kindermilch 1+

Age: 1 Year Plus

Size: 600g / 21oz

Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, plus no Starch or Soy

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Hipp 1+ Years Organic Combiotic Kindermilch Toddler Formula Organic Formula

HiPP knows that at every stage providing optimal health is key, which is why HiPP Kindermilch Toddler Formula is easy on the digestive system but rich in nutrients for your growing toddler.

This high calorie toddler formula is designed for little ones that drink out of a cup and still need a high calorie boost to support brain and body growth.

HiPP Kindermilch Stage 1 This organic combiotic formula is complete for ages 12 months and over. With all the essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics and prebiotics, this starch free formula is perfect for babies reaching toddlerhood.

HiPP Kindermilch Stage 2 Toddlers 2 and over will benefit from the organic nutrition this European formula provides. Made with an active toddler in mind Stage 2 provides support to the immune system, brain and body.

Special Formulas for Feeding Difficulties

Balanced organic nutrition is especially important for infants that have feeding difficulties. Immature digestive systems sometimes have a hard time breaking down proteins and other nutrients in baby formula.

When a sensitivity or allergy occurs feeding problems and digestive issues follow. There are a variety of European formulas and stages to support a baby's digestive track while giving each baby 100% organic nutrition.

Cow's Milk Allergy VS. Cow's Milk Protein Intolerance

Cow’s milk allergies in infants affects as much as 4.9% of the population. It is important to note that an allergy to cow’s milk is not the same as a milk protein intolerance.

Here we will break down the difference in cow’s milk allergies and cow’s milk intolerance and then we rank our favorite European baby formulas that will ease the symptoms of both.

Cow's Milk Allergy

Cow’s Milk Allergy is when an infant’s immune system sees the cow’s milk protein as an unwanted substance and therefore it can react negatively. To fight off the invader, histamines and other chemicals in the baby’s body are released, causing an allergic reaction.

Cow's Milk Protein Intolerance

Cow’s Milk Intolerance involves the digestive system. It occurs when an infant is not able to digest lactose, the sugar in milk.

Cow Milk Allergy Symptoms | My Organic Company
Cow Milk Intolerance Symptoms | My Organic Company

Best Formula for Cow's Milk Intolerance or Sensitivities

HiPP HA Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 600g / 21oz

Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, hydrolyzed milk proteins for reduced allergic reactions

Sale Off
HiPP HA Stage 1 Combiotic Hypoallergenic Organic Infant Formula - 600g Organic Formula

HiPP HA HypoAllergenic

100% high quality baby formula, HiPP HA Combiotic Hypoallergenic, is made with organic cow’s milk proteins that are divided into small fragments. This reduces the allergenic properties that can be associated with lactose.

Special fiber-based prebiotic and a probiotic from lactic acid bacteria cultures work together to add extra support.

HiPP HA PRE: A whey-based baby formula designed especially for newborn infants. HiPP PRE HA ingredients blend top-grade organic grass-fed cow milk with vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics that are ideal for a sensitive stomach.

HiPP HA Stage 1: A select baby formula for those with infants zero to six months old with digestive problems or sensitive stomachs. It is also the perfect breastfeeding substitute as its ingredients mimic breast milk consistency. The difference between the PRE stage and Stage 1 is the added starch in Stage 1, which allows your baby to stay fuller longer. 


HiPP HA Stage 2: Ideal for babies at risk who are older than six months and have special dietary requirements or are at risk of allergies. This European follow-on milk is organically manufactured to specifically meet cognitive development, digestive health, and first-year growth milestones.    

Best Runner-Up Formula

HiPP Dutch  Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, hydrolyzed milk proteins for reduced allergic reactions

Sale Off
Hipp Dutch Stage 1 (0-6 Months) Organic Combiotic Infant Milk Formula Organic Formula

Gentle and wholesome Hipp Dutch Organic Combiotic Infant Milk Formula is a 100% organic whey based baby formula.

Organic grass fed lactose gives naturally occurring prebiotic fibers to aid digestion and helps to break down any allergy causing bacteria.

Your little one will love the creamy taste of this baby formula and parents and caregivers will love the vitamins and minerals that support baby's health and immune system.

HiPP Dutch Stage 1: Ideal for a baby’s first food as it provides critical nutrition for a newborn. This European baby formula is formulated with healthy bacteria that mothers provide babies naturally, making it easier to digest food.

Balanced with prebiotics and probiotics to boost immunity and help keep your baby healthy.

HiPP Dutch Stage 2: Designed for babies over six months, whether still breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or beginning to eat solid food.

Modeled after a mother’s milk, it boosts the healthy microbiome in the baby’s tummy thanks to prebiotics and lactic acid bacteria.

HiPP Dutch Stage 3: Formulated for toddlers over the age of one year. It provides a special balance of vitamins and minerals to meet older babies' cognitive and growth milestones.

Prebiotics in this stage of HiPP Dutch formula are also advanced for the change in gastrointestinal health, as solid-nutrition is added to the formula-fed diet.

Best Formula for Colic

HiPP Special Comfort 

Age: 0+ months

Size: 500g / 17.6oz

Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, Reduced lactose content, Hydrolzed milk protein

Sale Off
HiPP Special Comfort Organic Baby Formula 500g - Birth Onwards Organic Formula

HiPP Comfort is a cow's milk based formula that is made with 100% organic cow’s milk and is specially designed for infants, from birth to 12 months, who experience colic, constipation, upset tummies, and who may be sensitive to cow’s milk protein.

HiPP Special Comfort has split milk proteins (hydrolyzed) that break the lactose into smaller molecules, making it easier to digest. For optimal comfort, prebiotics/ probiotics are added to support digestion.

Containing the very best organic ingredients, HiPP Comfort gives baby the nutritional support for good health without wheat, soy, peanuts, or sugars.

Best Formula for Cow Milk Allergies

Holle Goat Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 400g / 14oz

Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic A2 Whole Goat Milk, Organic Maltodextrin, No Palm Oil

Sale Off
Holle Goat Milk Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula Organic Formula

Holle Goat Milk Formula - Skim Milk Protein

In this baby formula, proteins generally form a smaller, softer, and looser curd in the gut than cow milk formula, which makes Holle Goats Milk naturally easier to digest and reduces allergies found in cow’s milk baby formula.

Holle goat's milk formula provides essential fatty acids similar to breastmilk that acts as a prebiotic. It makes digestion and absorption easier. Healthy gut bacteria means less issues with sensitivity.

100% organic goat’s milk naturally contains high levels of certain vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, and calcium. Which helps your baby to grow and thrive from head-to-toe, inside and out.

Holle Goat Formula Stage 1: Ideal for newborns to six months. This special European formula is specifically for infants who have a cow’s milk allergy and is in need of a baby formula that is easier to digest.

Holle Goat Formula Stage 2: Perfect for babies older than six months. It is nutritiously balanced with the vitamins and minerals necessary for growing babies that are starting to eat solid foods. 

Holle Goat Formula Stage 3: Perfect for little ones older than ten months all the way to toddlers under the age of two. This follow-on formula has additional fats to boost the immune system and normal brain development.

Best Formula for Cow Milk Allergies - Vegetarian

Kendamil Goat Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months

Size: 800g / 28.22oz

Why Choose?

A2 Whole Goat Milk, No Palm Oil, No Fish Oil, Vegetarian Friendly, HMO's

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Kendamil Goat Milk Formula Stage 1 Organic Formula

Part of Kendamil’s gold standard line, Kendamil’s Goat Milk Formula is the first ever baby formula globally to have the verified presence of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), the complex carbohydrate that exists in human breast milk.

This A2 milk includes several unique ingredients that no other goat formula on the market currently offers; for example, Kendamil goat is a whole milk recipe that provides the most natural fat source for your baby, Milk Fat Globule Membrane (or MFGM), as identified in breastmilk.

This Red Tractor certified formula is also free of palm oil, vegetarian friendly, and is the only goat milk infant formula that has EU quality standards.

Kendamil Goat Stage 1: Offers clean, whole milk nutrition for newborn to 6 months. Perfect to use alongside breast milk or on its own. Contains natural prebiotics from whole A2 goat milk to help with digestion.

Kendamil Goat Stage 2: Perfect for babies 6-12 months old. Stage 2 makes a perfect follow-up for little ones adding solids to their diet.

Kendamil Goat Stage 3: This stage is made specially for toddlers who are growing fast and on the go. A2 nutrition helps fill in the gap in your intolerant and sensitive toddler’s diet.

Best Formula for Reflux


Age: 0+ months

Size: 500g / 17.6oz

Why Choose?

Organic Locust Bean Gum makes this creamier and easier for babies with reflux / spit up

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HiPP Anti-Reflux Organic Baby Formula Organic Formula

Designed for newborns on upwards, this gentle formula is the only organic quality baby formula suited to soothe reflux.

HiPP AR uses organically sourced Locust bean gum, a natural thickening agent and proven reflux-reducer as well as added probiotics and prebiotics to relieve digestion.

Using only the best ingredients, HiPP AR also contains vitamin D for better calcium absorption and bone strength. Plus, HiPP includes Omega-3 and 6 LCPs (DHA and ARA) to support brain and eye development.

Meeting and exceeding organic standards, HiPP AR brings not only reflux relief, but also balanced nutrition for growth and development.

Comparing European Baby Formula Standards

As more American families choose pure organic European baby formula, some U.S. brands have taken notice and began to offer an organic alternative in their lines.

These over-the-counter infant formulas only meet FDA organic requirements which fall short of the strictly regulated guidelines given to European infant nutrition.

Baby's Only Organic with Whey:

USDA Organic formula manufactured by Nature’s One.

✓ Free from corn syrup, palm oil, and GMO ingredients

𝙓 Contains brown rice syrup and soy oil

Happy Baby Organic:

This popular American baby formula is manufactured by Nurture, Inc.

✓ Dual probiotics, organic DHA/RHA, free of corn syrup and comes in stages

𝙓 Contains palm oil and soy oil

Earth's Best with DHA:

Manufactured by The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. who has a long history of organic nutrition.

✓ Prebiotics, organic DHA, free of corn syrup and GMOs

𝙓 Contains palm oil and soy, does not come in stages

Kabrita Goat USA: 

A2 goats milk manufactured by a Dutch company for the United States.

✓ Prebiotics, organic DHA, free of corn syrup

𝙓 Contains soy, soy lecithin, and palm oil, toddler only

Healthy Nutrition Today to Build a Healthy Future

Choosing the best baby formula is a critical decision for a family to make. We hope that this in-depth guide to our favorite organic baby formulas will give parents and caregivers information and confidence to choose the best nutrition.

European baby formula uses pure, natural ingredients to perfectly support an infant's development, growth needs, and immune system.

This balanced nutrition is imperative to give babies a healthy start so that at each stage of development infants will be building a health tomorrow.

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