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HiPP UK Organic Combiotic Baby Formula is an easy transition into EU formula


Hipp baby formula is made from skim milk, organic whey, probiotics, and omega 3 and 6. It is also organically certified by strict European standards and manufactured on a biodynamic farm. Hipp organic baby formula is also free of GMOs, preservatives, starch, gluten, wheat, synthetics, or soy. Most importantly, your precious baby receives critical vitamins and minerals needed for nourishment.  

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Allergic To Formula?

About 50% of newborn babies are sensitive to food intolerances such as dairy, wheat, or soy. Other than an upset stomach, babies experience a rash, bloating, irritability, constipation, or vomiting. Taking anorganic baby formula with a combiotic will ensure your baby is able to digest milk and gain weight normally. It is the very reason why Hipp baby formula with a combiotic is so popular.

What Is in HiPP Combiotic?

Combiotic is a prebiotic that is naturally found in a mother’s breastmilk.  Hipp baby formula adds it to their baby formula to balance pre and probiotics in a baby’s tummy to support digestive health. As it is an organic formula close to breastmilk, it’s an ideal option for babies who have sensitive stomachs and experience gas, fussiness, or unusual stool consistency soon after their feeding time. 

HiPP Formula UK Stages

Hipp UK Stage 1:  Hipp Combiotic 1 is perfect for babies from birth to six months.

Hipp UK Stage 2:   Hipp Combiotic 2 is ideal for babies older than six months.

Hipp UK Stage 3:  Hipp Combiotic 3 is idyllic for babies over twelve months old.

Hipp UK Stage 4:   Hipp Combiotic 4 is an excellent option for toddlers two and older.

HiPP Formula Reviews UK

With a quick search online, you’ll find countless posts from parents who absolutely rave about Hipp baby formula. From trying organic infant milk for a baby spitting up several times a day to breastfeeding moms that switched to Hipp formula to help babies gain weight, it has a first-rate reputation as thebest organic baby formula. Moms also approve of it as a breastfeeding substitute!

What Is The Difference Between HiPP UK And HiPP German Formula?

Hipp formula UK is manufactured in Germany and packaged in the UK in an 800-gram container. Hipp German formula has slightly smaller packages of 500-600 grams depending on the stage. Both processing and manufacturing facilities adhere to strict EUorganic milk standards.

Are you looking for Hipp formula UK in the U.S.? My Organic Company is a proud distributor of  Hipp formula. You can choose a one-time order or sign up for an auto-delivery subscription service. We’ll ensure your  baby formula is delivered to you on time each month and in excellent condition.

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