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HiPP HA HypoAllergenic


HiPP HA formula is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for newborns and babies who have allergies or sensitive stomachs. It’s a perfect formula to counter acid reflux, upset stomach, spitting up, or skin rashes. HiPP formula is nourishing as it has vitamins A, C, and D, along with iron and prebiotic dietary fibers to ensure your infant or baby grows healthy and strong. HiPP HA also helps babies with cognitive development, immune strength, and digestive healthiness.

Hipp Baby Formula

HiPP baby formula is made on a dedicated organic farm and adheres to the strictest European standards. Hipp also does not have any GMOs, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, hormones, synthetics, or artificial ingredients, so your baby will only receive clean, healthy ingredients. Hipp HA is gluten-free, chemical-free, and nut-free, which is ideal for sensitive babies.             

Hipp HA Pre:Hipp HA Combiotik PRE is a whey-based baby formula designed especially for infants. Hipp PRE HA ingredients blend top-grade organic grass-fed cow milk with vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics that are ideal whether your baby has a sensitive stomach or you are looking for alternatives to breastfeeding.

HiPP HA Stage 1:Hipp HA Combiotic Stage 1 is a select baby formula for those with infants zero to six months old with digestive problems or sensitive stomachs. It is also the perfect breastfeeding substitute as its ingredients mimic breastmilk consistency.                                         

Hipp HA Stage 2:Hipp 2 Combiotic is ideal for babies at risk who are older than six months and have special dietary requirements or are at risk of allergies. This exclusive E.U. follow-on milk is organically manufactured to specifically meet cognitive development, digestive health, and first-year growth milestones.             

    • The best formula for spit-up and gas.                                        
    • Nutritiously supports a balanced diet.
    • Best formula for sensitive baby stomachs.
    • No sugar, soy, starch, or maltodextrin added.
    • Best baby formula for acid reflux.
    • Gluten-free for babies with Celiac Disease.
    • It has combiotics (prebiotics/probiotics) to improve digestion.
    • The best formula for gassy newborns.

MyOrganicCompany carries all of the HiPP HA stages from birth up, so you won’t have to worry about changing to another brand when ready. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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891 reviews
Excellent product

We are very happy with the LouLouka formula. We supplement breastmilk with formula when my supply is low. Our son, who is 8 months old, loves the taste and digests it very well. We rarely get a spit up after drinking a bottle of this. I really like that I can trust the ingredients in this formula to be organic and high quality. I also like that it includes DHA in its contents.

Great formula

Baby loves it and have no issues with spit up or refusing the bottle.


This formula seriously saved us… My son is a reflux baby and throws up constantly all day. We tried the Enfamil gentle ease as well as another organics brand and neither seemed to help. We got him on an infant probiotic and this formula and he is a completely different baby! He still has spit up don’t get me wrong but his body does so much better with this! So thankful!

Our son seems like he feels good finally!

Our son has been way less fussy and actually enjoys this formula! Way less spit up and a happier baby! If your doctor recommends mixing it with breast milk (if your baby is trying to gain weight like ours needed to) use WAY less formula in the breast milk bottle otherwise it will not be able to get through the bottle lol and it will be harder for baby to process. But if you're just using water then the 1 scoop per oz seems to be just right.
After so much trouble with American made formulas, we're so happy we found HiPP and to see our son feeling better.

He does seem hungrier faster with it, BUT he is also growing a lot and he's always been a hungry baby lol. So worth it to see how much better he feels! He is 5 weeks now and 1 box lasted us about 2 weeks. He just started averaging about 3.5-4oz each feed & that's usually even after breastfeeding. Like I said..hungry little guy lol

Great Customer Service

Thanks for the great formula. My son absolutely loves it. You guys have great customer service.