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Should I dilute cow milk before giving it to my kid?

Should I dilute cow milk before giving it to my kid?

Cow milk is of nutritional value as it contains a lot of proteins and vitamins as compared to breast milk. Here at MyOrganicCompany, we advise all parents to dilute cow milk before administering to their infants. So why is it essential to dilute cow milk?

At a tender age, a baby kidney cannot process the excessive amount of proteins found in cow milk. To avoid burdening infant kidney it best to dilute cow milk with water at the ratio of 1:1, during the initial six months. Also, diluting cow milk helps to avoid chances of development of lactose intolerance

After six months, the kidneys have matured and can handle the excessive proteins found in cow milk, so it's no longer necessary to dilute the cow milk. However, it is essential to seek expert advice from your doctor if your kid has allergies. They will help you develop dietary plans


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