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July 20, 2020 2 min read

HiPP is a popular Organic European baby formula brand. They use some of the cleanest ingredients, so many parents stick to them. One thing some parents might be confused about is the stage and age requirements.

HiPP creates each formula depending on the child's age, making it unique to their needs. But when can you use HiPP Stage 2?

What are the Formula Stages?

Here's an easy reference sheet:

HiPP Stage Pre: Newborn to 6 months

HiPP Stage 1: Newborn to 6 months

HiPP Stage 2: 6+ months

HiPP Stage 3: 10+ months

HiPP Kindermilch 1: 1+ year

HiPP Kindermilch 2: 2+ years

What is HiPP Stage 2?

The difference in HiPP stage 2 vs. HiPP stage 1 is it is designed to be follow-on milk. For babies 6+ months of age, it is designed with richer nutrients that newborns may have difficulty digesting.

HiPP creates formulas with lactose as the main carbohydrate, prebiotics, probiotics, and all essential vitamins and minerals. Each stage has been specially designed for the baby with the exact nutrients needed for baby's growth.

When can you use HIPP Stage 2 Formula?

You can begin feeding your baby HiPP stage 2 as soon as they turn 6 months of age. This may mean moving directly from HiPP stage 1 to HiPP stage 2. In other cases, you might be transitioning your child from breastmilk to HiPP stage 2. Regardless, HiPP is organic, non-GMO, and meets strict EU certification.

HiPP stage 2 is also great for keeping your baby full, as it contains more protein than HiPP stage 1. For mothers concerned about nutrition, switch to HiPP for the highest quality baby formula on the market.

Do I have to use Stage 2?

You can use HiPP Stage 1 until 12 months, but if your baby is hungry, you need to switch to HiPP Stage 2. The denser formula will keep your baby satisfied and give them more energy.

Furthermore, HiPP Stage 2 has increased iron content than HiPP stage one, because the natural iron deposits in your baby tend to deplete by 6 months of age. It is your call as a parent, but we highly recommend making the switch as soon as they reach 6 months old.


HiPP contains many stages to fit your baby's age range and special needs. Furthermore, HiPP stage 2 is ideal for babies 6+ months and older.

You have the choice to move into HiPP stage 2 or stay with HiPP stage 1, but just remember the next stage is designed for the growing baby with growing needs.

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