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May 14, 2020 9 min read

Kendamil is a newer competitor in the baby formula market. For mothers who are unsure of this new formula, we are here to help! We are going to take an in-depth overview of the company, ingredients, and benefits of Kendamil.

With the rising demand for EU Organic formulas, new brands are beginning to rise. Kendamil is a new option with an abundance of health benefits. Let’s dive right into the guide!

About Kendamil

Kendamil is an EU Organic British baby formula company. With wholesome ingredients, zero palm oil, and ethical sourcing. For over 58 years Kendamil has curated specially blended formulas to support infant growth and digestion.

With all the excellent ingredients come many health benefits! Additionally, Kendamil is mindful toward the ingredients excluded. You will never see GMOs, soy, glucose, added sugars, chemicals, hormones, steroids, or heavy metals in formulas. To protect your baby and the environment, Kendamil practices ethical standards.

With clean, simple ingredients and a reputation you can trust—Kendamil is the perfect UK Organic Formula brand.

Why Choose Kendamil?

Multiple Certifications

Kendamil takes their company values with responsibility. In fact, the parent company Kendal Nutricare was awarded The Board of Trade Award which recognizes "businesses who have made an outstanding contribution to international trade within their region."

Formulas are exported under the following accreditations:

  • BRA Grade AA
  • Halal Certification
  • Soil Association Certification
  • CDFA Certification
  • Health & Safety Certification
  • Super Kosher Certification
  • International ISO 14001

Each one of these organizations must mandate multiple quality checks to ensure company transparency. Furthermore, each accreditation ensures all formulas are organic and safe for infants.

You can have a peace of mind knowing Kendamil follows all these guidelines and more!

Wholesome Ingredients

No matter how fancy the packaging is, the ingredients are what matter the most.

With Kendamil, the proof is in the pudding, as they have some of the BEST ingredients when compared to other brands.

With zero corn starch, maltodextrin, GMOs, soy, nuts, wheat, and gluten. All formulas are 100% certified Kosher and organic.

All infants can enjoy the amazing benefits that come with Kendamil! Makes a perfect formula for those with allergies, sensitivities, and tummy troubles.

No Palm Oil

We have saved the best for last—the fact Kendamil contains zero palm oil!

Even brands such as HiPP and Holle contain a small percentage of palm oil. Brands such as Kendamil that opt from the use of palm oil are providing only the best standards.

Why is palm oil harmful?  This is because regularly eating meals that contain palm oil can increase ‘bad’ lipoprotein cholesterol. 

This is known to be dangerous in both children and adults. To prevent your baby from developing pre-set health conditions, such as heart disease, stay away from it.

Need another reason to avoid palm oil? There is plenty of research that shows the use of palm oil in infant formula led to reduced bone mineralization in infants!

For those who care about the earth, palm oil is also destroying forests. Kendamil Organic cares about infant health and the environment, so they steer clear from palm oil.

If you care about your baby’s health and long-term wellbeing, stay away from palm oil.

Kendamil Ingredients

Now that we have overviewed Kendamil as a company, let’s take a deeper look into the nutritional information.


One of the three macros, carbs, provide your baby with energy and nutrients essential for growth.

Deciding on a baby formula can be difficult, but make sure the carb source is healthy.

The best carbohydrate source is lactose, as it is easier for infants to digest and full of protein.

American formulas tend to skimp on the carb source, using cheap fillers instead. These harmful fillers can create a fake sense of fullness and cause digestion troubles.

A 2020 New York Times article highlighting that young children raised on Whole Milk are 39% less likely to be overweight relative to those children raised on skimmed milk.

Kendamil’s main source of carbs is whole lactose, naturally sourced from their grass-fed cows’ milk. Another reason to love Kendamil formulas!


Health nuts, doctors, and your mother-in-law probably have this one thing in common. They cannot talk enough about how important protein is in a baby’s diet!

While this is true, the quality of the protein is more important than the quantity.

When it comes to finding the perfect, nutritious formula, choose one with lactose as the main protein source.

As previously mentioned, it is easier for infants to digest. Also, lactose from cow’s milk contains naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics for digestion.

By choosing lactose as the main protein source, Kendamil Formula provides only the best nutrition.


While fad diets may claim the dangers of fat, they are not true.

Fat is essential in all babies’ diets and helps them to grow up strong.

Finding a healthy source of fat is important though, as this will make or break your infant’s longevity.

The worst formulas are loaded with trans and saturated fats. These two unhealthy fats can preset heart disease, diabetes, and obesity in children.

To help your baby thrive and grow, choose a formula with lactose and the right vegetable oils - like coconut oil instead of palm oil.

Kendamil Organic uses just the right amount to support tissue growth and brain development.With a low saturated fat content, and the use of organic vegetable oils, Kendamil uses only the best!

Prebiotics + Probiotics

Both prebiotics and probiotics support digestion and healthy gut bacteria. Some EU Organic Formulas do not contain any added pre or probiotics (such as Holle.)

Kendamil understands the importance of digestion in such a young stage in your child’s life. This is why they add the perfect number of prebiotics into formulas, using cow's milk - Prebiotic GOS is used in Kendamil Organic.

Probiotics are unfortunately not permitted by the British Soil Association, the UK Organic Body that oversees organic certification (and is even more strict than Europe, where HiPP is regulated). As a result, Kendamil Organic is only permitted to include prebiotic GOS.

If your baby struggles with digestion, this formula may be the perfect option!


DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6) essential fatty acids are vital for infant growth. These two super fats support brain, muscle, and eye growth. Also, they aid immune function and nerve function.

Many parents are concerned about the hexane-extraction process used to obtain DHA and ARA. Kendamil is fully-aware of this concern, which is why their process avoids this harmful technique.

DHA-rich Algal Oil is released physically from the wet biomass and separated from the water phase by decanting. No solvents are in use for this ingredient, thus extraction solvents are not present.

Furthermore, Kendamil contains both DHA & ARA that is fish oil free to support infant growth using natural, organic ingredients.

Grass-fed Milk

All milk in Kendamil Formula is sourced organic and sustainably. Cows are grass-fed and treated with high standards.

All EU Organic certified formulas never include hormones, steroids, antibiotics, GMOs, or additives.

The quality of the milk used is extremely important and typically overlooked. Whatever nutrients the cows eat and substances they are exposed to are transferred into the milk product.

To keep the milk at a premium quality, Kendamil sources their milk from top-notch sources.

Another great advantage of Kendamil's milk? Clinical research demonstrates improved neuro-developmental outcomes associated with bovine milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). MFGM is naturally occurring in Kendamil due to their unique full cream recipe! Who wouldn't want healthier and smarter babies

What isn't in Kendamil?

Now that we know what’s in Kendamil Formula, let’s see what they do not include.

  • GMOs
    • With Kendamil, you say goodbye to GMOs and chemicals!
    • What are GMOs?  Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMOs) are harmful produce and animal products. These ingredients are injected with chemicals to grow bigger and faster.
    • GMOs are only for the farmers gain and disregards health.
    • Kendamil respects your infant’s health more than their profit. GMOs, hormones, steroids, and growth additives are never in Kendamil Formulas.
  • Soy
  • Palm Oil
    • A heavily controversial ingredient, palm oil, is never found in Kendamil formulas.
    • The high saturated fats in palm oil can cause health complications and destroys the environment. Even popular EU Organic brands, such as HiPP and Holle, contain small traces of palm oil.
    • Kendamil Formula contains 0% palm oil, to protect your baby.
  • Fish Oil
    • An allergen-inducing ingredient, fish oil, is never found in Kendamil formulas.
    • The use of DHA/ARA in EU formulas is mandated by law, and with this, Kendamil kept their formulas free from fish oil, while also meeting the standards. Popular EU Organic brands, such as HiPP and Holle, may contain small traces of fish oil.
    • Kendamil Formula contains 0% fish oil, to protect your baby.
  • Wheat/Gluten
    • Some babies suffer from gluten intolerance and digestion issues. Additionally, some sources claim wheat and gluten is bad for all, regardless of intolerances.
    • No matter which side of the gluten argument you are on, Kendamil contains zero gluten. This is makes it an excellent allergy-friendly option for mothers and babies.
  • Nuts
    • Another common allergy, nuts, is removed from formulas.
    • No tree nuts of any kind are used for the fat source. Rather, healthy vegetable oils are used to provide supported digestion.
  • Added Sugars
    • Most American formula brands are sugar bombs! Not only does this destroy your babies’ body, immune system, and wellbeing—but it can create a fake sense of fullness.
    • With Kendamil, their wholesome selection of ingredients contains natural sugars to provide energy. No added sugars are to be found in this wonderful formula option. 
  • Maltodextrin
    • Along with added sugars, US formula brands have the tendency to label sugar under hidden names.
    • Maltodextrin is a fancy word that most will overlook on the nutritional label. When, in fact, maltodextrin is sugar in disguise.
    • It is no better or has any proven benefits when compared to sugar. It is simply a filler that companies add to trick consumers.
    • Don’t be fooled! Kendamil is a reliable company and never contains maltodextrin or hidden sugar.
  • Starch
    • Starch is another harmful filler ingredient that is linked to health issues. With a high glycemic index and no nutritional value—it is useless.
    • Kendamil Organic contains no starch to provide longevity to your baby and give them many healthful years in the future. The first months of infancy and toddlerhood should never be overlooked. By supporting your child’s health now, you are helping them in the long run.
    • Kendamil focuses on nutrition to provide the tastiest, starch-free formula.
  • Chemicals
    • This one might come as a no-brainer. I mean who wants chemicals in their baby’s formula? But companies have a way to hide everything.
    • Many ingredients in formulas are battered in chemicals to grow bigger and quicker. As we mentioned with GMOs, chemicals are pure poison for infants.
    • Kendamil contains zero traces of chemicals so you can relax knowing your baby gets the wholesome nutrients they deserve.

How to Prepare Kendamil Formula

Now you know all about Kendamil, but you are unsure about the feeding. This simple, formula preparation guide will answer all your questions! You can also use the chart below for a quick reference.

Kendamil Formula Options

Kendamil comes with three different formula options designed for each stage of life. All are organic and allergy-friendly!

Kendamil Stage 1

  • Ideal for babies 0-6 months and can be used as a breastmilk supplement. Produced in the UK, with EU Organic Certification. Each box contains 800g of British formula powder.
  • Made with 100% organic cows’ milk, with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Kendamil Stage 1 contains added prebiotics to support digestion.
  • With zero palm oil and fish oil, this allergy-friendly formula makes a perfect option for newborns.

Kendamil Stage 2

  • Ideal for babies 6-12 months of age and for transferring to bottle-feeding with breast-fed babies. An excellent follow up from Kendamil Stage 1. Each box contains a generous 800g of British formula powder.
  • With a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, this formula will support your baby through their last months of infancy. Additional DHA & ARA are added, along with prebiotics, to support growth and digestion.
  • No GMOs, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, or harsh metals are in Kendamil Formulas.
  • Kendamil Organic Stage Two contains 0% Palm oil, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We highly recommend this formula for babies reaching toddlerhood, as the supported nutrients will help them grow in this crucial time.

Kendamil Stage 3

  • Ideal for toddlers 12+ months. If you are looking for the perfect formula to last throughout toddlerhood, this is it!
  • This formula contains extra nutrients for toddlers that need more energy. During this important stage in their life, they will need to grow up with optimal health.
  • Kendamil is the perfect option as it is EU Organic Certified, safe, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • As toddlers have many food allergies, this formula is specially blended to support all kinds.
  • Zero soy, peanuts, wheat, gluten, palm oil, fish oil, or added sugars are found.
  • If you want an organic formula that will treat both you and your toddler right, choose Kendamil!

Where to Buy Kendamil

Since Kendamil Organic is not made in America, you cannot find it in stores.

MyOrganicCompany is here to help!

With over 35+ formula options, they have recently added Kendamil to their wide selection.

With free shipping for orders over $50 and the fastest USA shipping available—they are the best organic formula USA store.

You can buy Kendamil here on MyOrganicCompany.


Kendamil is a new formula brand that is reaching many shelves. With over 58 years of experience, this company provides some of the best nutrition on the market.

With 100% organic ingredients, added prebiotics, and NO palm oil or fish oil—this formula option is perfect for all babies.

We highly recommend Kendamil Organic Formula for babies with sensitivities, allergies, and mothers wanting to provide them with the healthiest option!

We hope you have found this guide helpful, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at MyOrganicCompany. We have a 24-hour maximum response rate with a team of professionals ready to help you and your baby.

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