New European DHA Regulations

April 30, 2020

New European DHA Regulations

With the new upcoming changes in EU organic regulations, it can be confusing to keep up. Additionally, others might be unfamiliar with EU DHA Regulations. We’re here to help! Below we’ve created a simple, easy to follow guide on the new organic regulation for baby formula.

NEW 2020 EU REGULATION UPDATE: What changes will be made?

Here are the the new changes:

DHA is a healthy Omega-3 fatty acids that can help support heart and brain health. The regulation requires a higher usage of these fats to further improve infant health.

What are current EU DHA Regulations (prior to the update)?

Many are unfamiliar with EU Organic regulations and their importance. Don’t worry! It’s never too late to learn about this essential European process.

European countries must follow certain rules to ensure the safety and nutritional composition of manufactured products. The European Commission has specific rules for food products that are for European formulas, infant cereals, and other foodstuffs.

For those wondering, EU Organic certification requires:

  • No GMOs
  • No hormones or steroids
  • Antibiotics are only used to keep animals healthy
  • Minimum of 95% of organic ingredients used
  • Cows and goats are fed a 100% organic diet with no synthetics
  • Multiple Quality Checks
  • No Preservatives or Synthetics

With these healthy principles and use of wholesome ingredients, babies will receive natural nourishment.

Furthermore, your baby will also have a lower risk of illness as they grow up and mature. Who wouldn’t want to prevent life-threatening diseases, simply for a few more dollars per formula?

Infant formula and follow-on formula regulations ensure babies live and thrive with an abundance of energy. Therefore, we firmly believe in EU regulated formulas to help babies grow up naturally.

Now that we’ve brushed the very surface of EU Regulations, let’s take an in-depth view of what it promises.


Organic Baby Formula

Is organic worth it? What is Organic?

The benefits of organic far outweigh the small fee. Non-organic produce contains chemicals and harmful pesticides. Farmers use these to save money and to make produce grow bigger and faster.

Though, people overlook the fact that these ingredients are Genetically Modified (GMO). The body absorbs these toxins; this can cause adverse effects on the human body.

During the first years of a baby’s life, its organs are still developing. An early exposure to toxins can make harmful changes to their brain, immune system, and digestive system.

Thanks to EU Organic verification, baby formulas provide the best standards. By law, formulas must contain 95% organic ingredients and no GMOs.

To play it safe with your baby’s health, choose organic. After all,   organic formulas are safer and healthier for children. Absolutely zero chemicals, sweeteners, hormones, or heavy metals are added in EU Organic formulas.

Additionally, these formulas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and lutein to support growth. With all these healthful properties, why wouldn’t you want to choose organic?

Clean Formula for Babies: No Preservatives

These artificial ingredients are a NO-NO when it comes to providing your infant with the safest formula. Preservatives are added to make companies more money while disregarding your infant’s health.

Both preservatives and additives are added to almost all baby products. Artificial flavors and colors can create toxins in babies that can affect development.

These dangerous ingredients can negatively impact vision, balance, and motor skills. Children under two years old should never be fed processed foods.

Natural Baby Formula: No Sweeteners

Sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup and sugar are linked to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. By feeding your baby these additives, you are presetting these illnesses that can later harm them in young adulthood.

HF Corn Syrup is also shown to be linked to ADD and anxiety disorders! Additionally, high fructose corn syrup can trigger overeating in children, as it stops the brain from sending signals to stop eating.

Corn syrup is the worst, as it’s biochemically extracted from corn, thus being harder for the liver to process. In America, 50% of the corn syrup supplied contains heavy metals and mercury.

Many baby formula products in America use HFCS or have used it in the past; this is no surprise why America is the capital of obesity and heart disease.

Healthy Baby Formula: No Antibiotics or Hormones

Following up on the sustainable farming practices, EU Union Certification does not allow any antibiotics or hormones. Cows are raised naturally and are never dehorned when you choose from exclusive companies.

Unfortunately, Americans tend to overlook the fine print, especially when it comes to nutrition. Both hormones and antibiotics given to cows will appear in the milk your baby drinks—and your baby will absorb these harmful toxins, damaging their health.

Skip GMOs and stick to safe, wholesome EU nutrition.

Synthetic Baby Formula: No way!

Most American Formulas are laced with synthetic nutrients to imitate breast milk. These synthetics are banned by the European Union in baby formulas. Some of the banned synthetics include: L-Carnitine, Lycopene, Taurine, L-methionine, and nucleotides.

Large manufacturers source and process nutrients in the cheapest way possible. Infants that feed on these poison filled formulas are susceptible to suffer from chronic illness as they grow up. Switch to EU Organic to prevent these terrifying consequences.

Carrageenan in Baby Formula: No more!

Carrageenan is used in many types of powdered/liquid formulas to thicken them. Derived from seaweed, it has no nutritional value. It can be used in both non-organic and organic products, but  recent studies have shown it is harmful in infants.

An interesting study used Carrageenan in animals to cause inflammation to their tissue to test a new anti-inflammatory drug! Carrageenan results in inflammation of the intestines and can cause colon tumors.

Fortunately, the European Union has banned the use of Carrageenan. EU verification means you’ll get a baby formula without carrageenan.

In America, it is still available and is used frequently to save money. Save your baby’s well-being by never buying formula with this ingredient.


European Baby Formula: Why else is it great?

Organic Baby Formula: Farming Practices

EU Farming practices are more sustainable and better on the environment. Additionally, this benefits infants who drink organic milk. The European Commission require no detectable levels of pesticides in infant formulas.

Typically, EU organic formulas get their milk from Demeter farms. These farms undergo some of the strictest, quality control protocol. Demeter farms are Biodynamic, meaning there are zero synthetic pesticides, fertilizer’s, or GMOs.

The benefits of grass-fed cow’s milk are greater than U.S. cows raised on corn.

The milk in formulas in EU Regulated formulas is sustainably sourced, healthier on infants, and better on the environment. It’s a win-win situation when you switch to EU formula!

Baby Formula for Sensitive Stomachs

Organic milks are easier on infants to digest as they do not contain harmful chemicals. Since EU Organic Formulas typically come from grass-fed farms, it ensures the quality of the milk meets all expectations.

Also, most of these EU companies will add prebiotics and probiotics for supported digestion. If your infant has tummy troubles, we recommend an EU Organic formula.

Palm Oil in Baby Formula

A large debate centers around whether palm oil is safe or harmful. Formula companies use it to replicate the palmitic acid found in breast milk.

This ingredient has been shown to lower bone density in infants. Why is this? Simply put, infants cannot absorb calcium properly at this early age. This is because the structure of palmitic acid and palm oil are different in comparison. When the palmitic acid is not absorbed properly, it reacts with calcium and makes it insoluble. The body will then excrete the fat and calcium, and the baby does not receive an adequate supply of nutrients.

There is another argument against palm oil - Palm oil is harmful and not only hurts infants, but destroys the planet because of the deforestation process. For parents that would like to make positive impacts with the environment, avoiding this ingredient can be one way you play your part!

Unfortunately, EU Organic formulas (and almost all baby formulas) may contain palm oil. There are options for parents that are completely against this ingredient. For example, Loulouka and Kendamil are companies that have completely eliminated this ingredient and replaced it with coconut oil in all their brands. For Holle, they also have eliminated palm oil in their goat milk formula options.

DHA in Baby Formula

All baby foods and supplements contain natural forms of DHA AND ARA. The DHA and ARA mimic the fatty acids found in breastmilk, which can be beneficial to infant growth.

Where these essential fatty acids come from is very important. Studies have shown that artificial forms of DHA and ARA do not provide any nutritional value.

The difference? Artificial fatty acids are obtained from a different type of algae and fungus. There has been an insignificant amount of research to find out about the negative effects of these microorganisms.

These microbes are not part of the natural human diet. All in all, artificial DHA and ARA can give babies an upset stomach and cause liver damage.

EU Organic Regulations ensure that DHA and ARA sources are nutritious and are not full of these damaging side effects.

Why are these changes occurring?

Simply put, with the rise of organic products, the demand for stricter regulations occur. So many things are swept under the bridge, hidden from consumer eyes.

Parents and citizens of the EU have demanded higher quality control and the European Commission has taken matters seriously.

They are looking to further benefit babies, parents, farmers, and companies with the new 2020 EU Regulation policy.

Best European Baby Formula

Many companies are currently certified by the EU Organic protocol, but only a few stand out for their excellent procedures. The five major companies that dominate the organic formula industry are HiPP, Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert, and Loulouka. These five companies are going above and beyond the call of duty by creating the safest formulas in the world.

Here’s a brief overview of each company and their product selection.


HiPP is a family owned, German baby formula company. With high quality organic products, this company is one of the most popular options for health-conscious mothers.

Their farming practices are sustainable and biodynamic to ensure babies get the purest product available.

Mothers love HiPP formula ingredients for their pure quality. One of the advantages of choosing HiPP Baby Formula is their wide selection.

HiPP organic formula provides multiple formula options including anti-reflux, comfort, hypoallergenic, biodynamic, sleep time, and more.

HiPP is also produced in different countries and with the varied ingredients in each line of their HiPP Dutch, HiPP German, and HiPP UK - parents really do have many options to try!

Many mothers enjoy this variety so their baby can have an organic baby formula for all of their unique needs.

This makes HiPP one of the best European Baby Formula brands out there. To read more about HiPP check out our Ultimate HiPP Guide!

HiPP Baby Formula


Age:   0+ months


Size:   500g / 17.6oz


Why Choose?

Organic Locust Bean Gum makes this creamier and easier for babies with reflux / spit up

HiPP Special Comfort

Age:   0 months +


Size:   500g / 17.6oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, Reduced lactose content, Hydrolzed milk protein

HiPP Dutch Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, No Maltodextrin, Skimmed Milk

HiPP German Stage 1 Combiotik

Age:   0-6 Months


Size:   600g / 21oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics/probiotics for better digestion, DHA/ARA, and starch for fuller tummies

HiPP HA Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   600g / 21oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, hydrolyzed milk proteins for reduced allergic reactions

HiPP UK Combiotic Stage 1

Age:    0-6 months


Size:    800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

Affordability with organic quality, prebiotics, and DHA/ARA

Holle has an outstanding reputation as one of the best German baby formula brands. With the options of cow’s milk and goat’s milk (a rarity in the formula industry,) this formula can help babies with sensitive stomachs.

Holle Infant Formula farming standards are ranked A+. They only source from biodynamic, Demeter Organic Farms. Each Holle Baby formula is Certified EU, chemical-free, and gluten-free.

When comparing HiPP and Holle, it can be hard to decide which one is best. Still unsure, click here for a guide on HiPP vs. Holle.

Overall, Holle is full of vitamins and wholesome ingredients to support your baby through their early stages of life. To read more about Holle, check out our Ultimate Holle Guide!

Holle Baby Formula

Holle A2 Milk Stage 1

Age: 0-6 months


Size: 800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic Certified (Organic ++), Milk from cows with A2 beta-casein protein type, DHA/ARA, No Maltodextrin

Holle Stage 1

Age:   0-6 Months


Size:   400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic & Demeter organic certified, Maltodextrin for fuller tummies, No added prebiotics/probiotics

Holle Goat Milk Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic A2 Whole Goat Milk, Organic Maltodextrin, No Palm Oil

The baby formula that the royal family chooses and the absolute best baby formula offered in the UK, Kendamil is leading the way in the European baby formula market. They are the only brand that offers a whole milk option for babies in both organic cow's milk and goat's milk formulas.

Kendamil has been in the baby food industry for over 58 years, and when it comes to making high quality products that support the whole baby, they do everything it takes to provide excellence. A family owned company, they take their products serious and personal, as they know their reputation stands in high regards among the royal family and other celebrities in the UK.

Why are these products amazing? As mentioned, the baby formulas are made with whole milk, because studies have shown that whole milk has more natural nutrients for a developing baby than skim milk. And for babies that have a hard time digesting the whole cow's milk, Kendamil offers goat milk formula options - which are great for sensitive tummies.

Plus, Kendamil eliminates palm oil from all their brands and uses coconut oil instead. They do this for multiple reasons, but mostly to allow for easier digestion on a baby's tummy. Kendamil also has natural MFGM and prebiotics from their whole milk formula. Your baby will love the gold standard formula Kendamil created.


Kendamil Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28oz


Why Choose?

Whole Cow Milk with natural MFGM and prebiotics, DHA/ARA from Algae Oil, No Palm Oil

Kendamil Goat Milk Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28oz


Why Choose?

Whole A2 Goat Milk, DHA/ARA from Algae Oil, No Palm Oil, Vegetarian Friendly

A partner company owned by Holle, Lebenswert is excellent for their board-certified formulas. Lebenswert Formula is a specialized branch of the Holle company that sources their ingredients from sustainable biodynamic farms.

All Lebenswert ready to feed products are free from chemicals, steroids, pesticides, and harmful fillers. From infancy to toddlerhood, Lebenswert ensures your baby receives the wholesome nourishment they deserve.

Lebenswert is one of the best European organic baby formula brands out there for the mindful parent. Still considering this formula but what to know more, check out our Ultimate Lebenswert Guide!

Lebenswert Stage 1

Age:   0-6 Months


Size:   500g / 17.6oz


Why Choose?

Bioland organic certified, No added Maltodextrin or extras - most basic and essential ingredients

A fresh company that is just reaching the markets with some of the best ingredients—Loulouka. With whole milk sourced from sustainably treated Swiss cows; this company has some of the best animal welfare standards in the world.

One thing parents love about Loulouka Formula is it contains ZERO PALM OIL! Loulouka opts out of the controversial oil and uses coconut oil instead, making them a perfect option.

You will never find hormones, GMOs, synthetics, carrageenan, or pesticide’s in Loulouka formulas. Meeting all EU organic certification requirements and containing an unbeatable ingredient list—Loulouka is perfect for all babies and mothers.

Loulouka Stage 1

Age:  0-6 Months


Size:  900g / 32oz


Why Choose?

Coconut Oil instead of Palm Oil, Milk from Grass Fed Swiss Cows

US vs European Baby Formula: Is it worth the switch?

Yes! We cannot stress enough how important it is to feed your baby a healthy, safe formula to ensure them the best well-being. If you care about your child and want them to live a long, healthy life, switch to organic!

EU Organic products far outweigh American Standards as they require strict regulations and multiple checks before distribution. The European Commission is constantly updating their protocol to ensure each formula stays up to date with what pediatricians recommend.

Overall, EU Organic is a healthier, safer option for growing babies and toddlers.

A Final Word on European Baby Formula

Whether you are a new mother or have over seven children—it’s never too late to switch to EU Certified Organic formulas. The new changes taken place for 2020 occurred to further improve the standards as we learn more about which ingredients are essential and dangerous.

Furthermore, EU Organic can provide wonderful health benefits and nourishment to your child. The dangers of unregulated formulas can backfire on you and your child’s health. Do not jeopardize your child’s health by going the easy way out and buying processed junk.

Babies are helpless, and it is sick how corporations are taking advantage of their health before they can make conscious decisions. Therefore, you must make the right decisions for them by choosing wholesome, sustainably sourced formulas.

With many brands—HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert, and Loulouka—you will have no problem trying to find the perfect formula for both you and your baby.

Make the right decision and live knowing the difference you’ll make in your baby’s health by switching to Organic.

Want to buy fresh EU Organic formula from the USA? Click here for the best deals!

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