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HiPP German

HiPP German has the widest variety of HiPP to offer!


HiPP German formula has earned its reputation as being the leading global brand for nutritional value and clean ingredients that follow strict European organic biodiversity farming standards. The FDA does not force American baby formula makers to adhere to the same level of excellence, which leaves infants and toddlers consuming harmful substances like arsenic, acrylamide, carrageenan, cadmium, lead, pesticides, and herbicides. Hipp organic formula not only follows EU regulations but leads the industry as being the frontrunner in following baby formula manufacturing protocol.

Hipp Baby Formula Options

HiPP baby formula is packed with nutritional value, including crucial non-synthetic vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that infants and toddlers need to meet growth milestones for immunity, bone strength, and brain development. HiPP formula also has docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (ARA).  DHA and ARA are naturally found in breast milk and support development.

HiPP Organic Formula

Hipp’s formula has one of the largest baby formula collections, from infancy to toddler, and includes formulas for hypoallergenic babies and those with acid reflux and sensitive digestive systems. It’s also the best formula for gas and fussiness. As Hipp was created for ease-of-comfort, your baby will benefit without any synthetics, artificial preservatives, or high concentrates of sweetener.

HiPP Offers Parents Alternatives To Breastfeeding

Deciding on whether to breastfeed or bottle feed is a major decision as new parents. For some parents, breastfeeding may not be feasible because of medical situations, daily routines, or personal comfort. If you are looking for alternatives to breastfeeding, Hipp German has a comparable taste and consistency. It has the equivalent nutritional value needed to avert allergic reactions to milk as well in the specially designed HA formula and Comfort formula.

HiPP German Baby Formula Stages

  • HiPP Ha Combiotik Pre: 0 to 6 months. Hydrolyzed proteins reduce allergic reactions.
  • HiPP HA Stage 1: For infants to six months old. It’s the best baby formula for acid reflux while also maintaining the allergy sensitivity, due to the added starch.
  • HiPP HA Formula Stage 2: This hypoallergenic formula is for babies older than six months. It’s also the best formula for spit-up, so your baby’s tummy won’t feel upset.
  • HiPP Pre Combiotic: For babies from 0 to 6 months. No starch or sugar added. As it has prebiotics and probiotics, this is the best formula to prevent constipation.
  • HiPP Stage 1 Combiotik -No Starch: For babies 0 to 6 months. No sugar or starch added. Prebiotics and probiotics included, which makes it the best formula for colic and gas.
  • HiPP Stage 2 CombiotikNo Starch: For babies six months and up. No starch or sugar.
  • HiPP Stage 2 Combiotik: For babies six months and up. No sugar added.
  • HiPP Stage 3 Combiotik: Follow-on milk is perfect for babies over ten months.
  • HiPP Kindermilch: For toddlers one year and up. It has prebiotics and probiotics for digestion.
  • HiPP Kindermilch 2: For toddlers two years up; has prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion. 
  • HiPP Anti-Reflux: Ideal for infants who need the best formula for spit-up and gas caused by acid reflux.  
  • HiPP Comfort: Includes prebiotics and probiotics for healthier digestion. Also uses a special type of palm oil that avoids potential issues related to palm oil. Partially hydrolyzed formula as well.

Is HiPP HA Formula Hypoallergenic?

HiPP HA formula is hypoallergenic. It is specifically formulated for infants and toddlers who are at a higher risk of allergies and need probiotics and prebiotics for upset stomachs.  Hipp HA (hypoallergenic) combiotic milk also has hydrolyzed proteins that make absorption of formula easier for babies and toddlers who can’t digest cow’s milk easily or are allergic to wheat or nuts.  

My Organic Company is a proud distributor of Hipp German formula. We provide parents with the best baby formula from birth to toddler, including HiPP Organic, Combiotic, and Hypoallergenic.