Holle Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

April 06, 2020

Holle Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

Mothers around the globe are switching to organic baby formulas for their infants. Holle is one of the popular brands that mother's trust. But is Holle worth this hype? We're here to answer all your burning questions about Holle organic formula.


Holle Formula

For over 85 years, Holle has created organic formulas in Demeter quality. Founded in 1933, this company currently resides in Riehen, Switzerland. Their selection of products has been free from preservatives since the beginning of their company.

With a wide variety of products, including milk, formula, porridges, and much more! They are one of the few organic formula companies that offer a goat milk option for sensitive babies.

Within the last 35 years, Holle has been available in over 40 countries across Europe. With the holistic quality and wholesome ingredients—Holle makes a perfect formula for all infants.

Holle Organic Formula: Legit?

Holle has a long history of guaranteed quality and clean ingredients. Additionally, their sustainable agricultural practices help support the environment too. Grass-fed cows graze on their fields and are never dehorned. Considering all these factors, Holle is as pure as they come.

Holle Baby Formula: Why choose it?

1. Healthy Ingredients

Holle uses some of the freshest, safest ingredients in the world. When compared to American formulas, Holle far beats them when concerning nutrition. This allergy-friendly formula contains no gluten, nuts, soy, GMOs, or added sugar.

This formula comes rich in vitamins and minerals to support natural infant growth. With a short ingredient list that isn't full of complicated mumbo jumbo or chemicals—Holle is the safest choice.

2. EU Organic Certification

If you live in the United States, you might wonder why it is so essential to get an EU Organic formula. Simply put, American formulas do not have strict regulations and can get away with a lot of sketchy ingredients.

EU Organic certification must meet strict criteria by law. When choosing organic, you are providing your infant with a safer and healthier option. No harmful chemicals, sweeteners, or steroids are used in Holle Formulas. Furthermore, organic formulas are rich in antioxidants and do not contain heavy metals.

All EU Organic certified products are:

  • Non-GMO
  • No hormones added
  • Antibiotics are only used to keep animals healthy
  • Minimum of 95% of organic ingredients used
  • Cows and goats are fed a 100% organic diet with no synthetics

With all these fantastic benefits, why wouldn't you want to switch to EU Organic? The consequences of feeding your baby toxic formulas will haunt them into adulthood and could preset underlying illness. Stay safe, value your baby's health, and make the change.

3. Sustainable Farming Practices

Holle has practiced sustainable farming for over 85 years and never skimps on quality assurance. Unlike other brands, Holle has one of the most sustainable farming practices in the world. Concerning the environment and the cows they raise, Holle provides only the best.

Cows graze on biodynamic (Demeter Certified) farms that are sustainable and eco-friendly. These cows are raised in small heard and are never dehorned. Also, these cows are never pumped with steroids or chemicals.

Milk produced with Holle infant formula is free from preservatives, GMOs, and artificial flavors and colors. Holle currently has the highest standards of animal welfare. Holle cares about infant health, the environment, and animals they raise through their company ethics.

Where to buy Holle formula?

Though Holle Formula USA is not available yet, many companies have bought Holle formulas from overseas and sell them in the US. You can buy Holle Organic Baby formula on MyOrganicCompany's website.

Holle Formula Ingredients

For mothers who want to know an in-depth analysis of Holle Formula ingredients, Macros, and nutritional benefits—look no further. We will also dive deeper into what Holle does and does not include in their formulas below.


Carbohydrates supply your baby with the nutrients they need to grow, play, and have energy. A proper carbohydrate source is essential, as cheap fillers can damage your infant's health and wellbeing.

Carbohydrates are the major macronutrients present in the breastmilk and play an important role, contributing over 40% of the energy. The dominant carbohydrate that appears in breastmilk and also in Holle formulas is lactose (a disaccharide).

Lactose is known to develop the intestine microbiota and overall immune system of the newborn.

In Holle products, lactose is carefully provided by the crystallization process of the organic cow's milk whey concentrate.

How Is Lactose Digested?

Our beloved babies are born with the aptitude of producing an enzyme called lactase. Lactase helps to break down lactose into two simple sugars: glucose and galactose, which can be absorbed more easily.


Another Carbohydrate found in Holle baby formula's, is called Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin, which is naturally based, is extracted from starchy foods such as potatoes, corn and wheat. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that works as a sugar substitute.

Holle Baby Formulas (Stage 1 to 3), use a combination of lactose and maltodextrin to support happy digestion - since maltodextrin is much easier on the little one's stomach. Overall, Holle's carb source is clean and mimics the same chemical structure as breastmilk.


One of the essential macros of all time, protein. Without enough of it, your baby will face multiple health issues.

Fortunately, Holle contains plenty of naturally occurring whey and casein proteins sourced from organic milk, that comes from the cows raised on certified biodynamic farms. Unlike some of the other American formulas, where the protein could either be synthetically manufactured or derived from the cows that could easily be treated with hormones, antibiotics, and steroids.

Yes, that's right, Organic Milk is not only an important carb source but great for protein. It is like breastmilk and provides the much-needed protein to support growth.

Cow's milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey, while breastmilk contains 40% casein and 60% whey. Casein is known to be difficult for infants to digest. To support infant digestion, Holle produces specially engineered formulas to mimic breastmilk components.


Many tend to overlook this essential macro, but it is just as important as the carbs and protein. Fats are important, and babies would die without them, but too much can be harmful.

Some formulas with a high level of saturated fats can preset heart disease and diabetes in infants. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL to provide your baby with a natural balance of healthy fats in their formula.

Holle Organic Formula uses naturally occurring fats in organic milk and vegetable oils to give your baby the fats needed to support digestion and growth. Never will you see excessive amounts of fillers to achieve this nutritional balance with Holle.

Prebiotics / Probiotics

Many organic baby formulas contain prebiotics and probiotics. Why does this matter? They are essential in maintaining healthy gut bacteria. Additionally, prebiotics and probiotics help strengthen the immune system, reduce colic, prevent eczema, and support those with digestive issues.

Holle Organic Formula does not contain prebiotics or probiotics. To maintain a short, clean list of ingredients, they opt out of adding too many supplements. Many parents debate whether or not prebiotics and probiotics are essential.

All in all, it depends on what you value in a formula. Some like the least amount of ingredients to avoid fillers, while others support multiple supplements to be mixed in.

Holle baby formula provides naturally occurring nutrients to support digestion, but this still is a make or break situation depending on your personal preference.


Many might wonder what are DHA and ARA are in the first place.

Both Omega-3 (ALA & DHA) and Omega-6 (ARA) fatty acids support brain health, muscle development, nerve function, vision, and the immune system. These two beneficial nutrients are not required to be in US formulas, but in 2020 Europe made it a requirement in infant formulas.

Currently, Holle organic baby formula does not contain any DHA or ARA. But since the 2020 organic regulation update, they will change their formula to include both components.

Holle Infant Formula: Grass-fed, Biodynamic, Demeter Certified

Europe's organic EU standards are much better when regarding animal welfare. In America, milk comes sourced from factory farms where animals live in horrendous conditions, are fed steroids, and are genetically modified.

Holle takes their animal welfare standards seriously and never dehorns their animals. Additionally, cows graze on lush, biodynamic, Demeter certified fields.

Holle Bio Formula meets all EU organic certification and is  Demeter biodynamic certified. What is Demeter certification, and is it important?

Demeter Certification requires companies to participate in:

  • annual renewal
  • ecosystem preservation
  • animal welfare guarantees
  • bio-diversity support

Moreover, Holle has the highest level of accreditation from biodynamic farms.

Holle Bio Formula meets the highest environmental and animal welfare standards in the world and will continue their ethical practices.

Holle Goat Milk Formula

Unlike most organic companies, Holle Baby Formula offers a goat milk option.

But why would someone need goat milk vs. cow milk?

Many parents switch to goat milk because they are easier for babies who cannot digest cow's milk proteins. Also, goats milk contains a high number of vitamins, 1/3 more magnesium compared to cow's milk, and is ideal for babies with a dairy intolerance. Holle Milk can be a lifesaver for the parent in need.

Holle Bio Formula: Does not Include

Now that we've discussed the nutritional properties of Holle let's see what they do NOT include.

  • Gluten/Wheat

An extensive debate centers around whether gluten is harmful or beneficial. Regardless, many infants have gluten intolerance and have difficulty digesting it. This allergy-friendly formula does not contain gluten or wheat.

  • Soy

Stay away from formulas that contain this harmful ingredient. Soy has been proven (even when organic) to destroy the development of the brain and nerves.

Holle opts out of this ingredient to provide your baby with only safe, natural ingredients that do not stun growth.

  • Nuts

Millions of infants are born with a nut-allergy. Holle understands the diversity of all babies and never use nuts in their formulas.

  • GMOs

GMOs (Genetically Modified) can devastate growth and harm both infants and adults.

GMOs found in produce and animal products contain unnatural chemicals that can cause disease. These toxins are embedded in these products to make them grow bigger and faster. AVOID THESE LIFE-THREATENING INGREDIENTS by choosing organic.

  • Added Sugar

Added sugars are poison when it comes to infant formulas. Many cheap brands add countless amounts of sugar and fillers. This unnecessary amount of harmful sugars can manipulate your baby to think they are full.

Additionally, they can harm your baby and preset diabetes, heart disease, and other major health complications in the future.

To prevent significant illnesses in the future for your child, choose organic formulas that do not add any additional sugar. Holle is one of those brands that takes infant health seriously and never adds sugar.

  • Synthetic Preservatives

You will never see Holle formulas with synthetic ingredients or preservatives. To prevent the link of disease related to these unnatural ingredients, Holle does not use them. Instead, Holle uses non-GMO ingredients to produce a formula that both mothers and babies love.

Holle Organic Baby Formula: Varieties

Holle has a variety of formulas to choose from in their collection. They have multiple stages (Holle Pre, Holle Stage 1, Holle Stage 2, Holle Stage 3, and Holle Stage 4.)

They have Holle cow milk formula and Holle goat milk formula to provide parents and babies with different protein options. Additionally, the company also produces a collection of cereals abiding by the same principles as their formulas stand by. Overall, this company can provide your baby with the proper nutrients for their baby and toddler years.


Holle Stage 1

Age:   0-6 Months


Size:   400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic & Demeter organic certified, Maltodextrin for fuller tummies, No added prebiotics/probiotics

Holle Goat Milk Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic A2 Whole Goat Milk, Organic Maltodextrin, No Palm Oil

Holle Formula Instructions

For mother's considering trying out Holle organic formula, here is the feeding chart to give you a taste of what to expect and how to prepare Holle formula for the Stage PRE cow's milk.

Age Water Ounces Scoops Mixed Ounces Bottles per Day
1 Week According to Doctor's Orders
2-4 Weeks 3 3 3.3 5-7
2 Months 5 5 5.7 4-5
3-4 Months 6 6 6.7 4-5
5 Months + 7 7 7.7 3-4

Holle Formula Review

If you are looking to provide your baby with a healthy source of nutrients, look no further. Holle has been creating organic, sustainable baby formulas for over 85 years.

This experienced company never skimps on nutrition and contains a healthy list of ingredients. With guaranteed quality, this company never uses preservatives, artificial flavors, steroids, or chemicals.

This allergy-friendly formula comes in two options—cows' milk and goats' milk. With many stages to choose from, Holle can support your baby through both infanthood and toddlerhood. This formula is full of antioxidants and rich in nutrients to support natural infant growth.

Unlike American formulas, Holle is EU Organic certified and must meet strict regulations before distribution. These regulations ensure that each formula is prepared to achieve premium quality and natural ingredients by law.

For those who care about the environment and animal welfare, Holle has some of the best sustainable farming and animal welfare standards in the world. Additionally, Holle sources their milk from grass-fed, biodynamic, Demeter certified farms to ensure quality for all infants.

Overall, Holle formula is a wonderful option if you are considering switching to an organic formula. Whether or not Holle infant formula is for you depends on what you value in a formula and your baby's needs.

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