HiPP Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

March 28, 2020

HiPP Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

An infant’s diet is the key to good health throughout their life span. Unfortunately, many companies skimp on proper nutrition, resulting in later complications in life.

HiPP understands how essential it is to provide babies with safe, wholesome nutrition for all families. With their high-quality standards and wide selection of formulas, HiPP makes a great addition to any baby’s diet.

For the health-conscious mothers out there considering HiPP for their babies’ formula—we’ve created the ultimate guide. In this guide, we’ll discuss all you need to know about HiPP Formula and its benefits.

HiPP Formula: History

HiPP was founded in 1899 by Joseph HiPP, a baker who prioritized his many children. His wife, Maria Oster, had trouble breastfeeding.

Joseph HiPP, a confectioner, made the first baby cereal out of crushed rusk (dry hard biscuits or twice baked bread) and milk. His wife had been having trouble nursing their twins, and so necessity lead to invention. Mr. Hip’s invention took off and laid the foundation for the family.

In 1970, the rusk flour infant formula was available on the German market. Georg HiPP decided to begin manufacturing the formula, and the HiPP brand grew larger. HiPP sold many products, such as juices, foods, meats, and whole-grain fruit pops.

During this time, Georg HiPP began to source from organic farms only. Fruit and veggies used in the formulas were from natural soils without the use of chemicals in 1956.

Now, the company’s priority stays true to its mission statement—to produce healthy, tasty, baby formula from safe ingredients.

HiPP Baby Formula

There are so many organic infant formula brands, so why choose HiPP? It boils down to three simple concepts.

Organic Baby Formula

With EU organic certification, HiPP baby formula provides only the best standards. Unlike American formula, EU organic certified formulas undergo multiple quality checks before distribution.

Additionally, these organic baby formulas must meet strict criteria by law. Organic baby formula is a safer and healthier option for children. No harmful chemicals, sweeteners, or hormones are added in HiPP formulas. Also, organic formulas are rich in lutein and antioxidants and do not contain any heavy metals.

For those wondering, EU Organic certification requires:

  • No GMOs
  • No hormones added
  • Antibiotics are only used to keep animals healthy
  • Minimum of 95% of organic ingredients used
  • Cows and goats are fed a 100% organic diet with no synthetics

With the benefits of the criteria guidelines, you’d be jeopardizing your infant’s health otherwise. American formulas are not required to follow these crucial criteria and get away with a lot in their formulas. Cheap fillers are used and questionable ingredients. Play it safe with your baby’s health by choosing EU organic always.

Quality Baby Formula / Ingredients

What’s HiPP baby formula made of? Most parents do not care to look at the nutrition label nowadays. For the mother who cares about optimal baby health and natural ingredients—HiPP guarantees quality assurance.

HiPP Organic Formula comes with sustainably sourced ingredients and a variety of vitamins. These essential vitamins support extra immunity, bone density, and supported development all babies need.

What isn’t included in formulas is just as important as what is. With HiPP, you’ll never see GMOs, chemicals, hormones, steroids, pesticides, synthetic vitamins, or fillers.

HiPP Infant Formula Variety

Each baby is unique in their nutritional needs and requirements. HiPP produces each formula with a specific purpose and understands the complex needs of infants. During their most fundamental period of growth, nutrition is key to supporting their growing bodies.

With a wide selection of different organic formulas—your baby will be supported through all their stages of development. Some of the varieties include but are not limited to: HiPP Dutch Formula, HiPP Combiotic, HiPP HA (hypoallergenic), HiPP Anti Reflux, HiPP Comfort, HiPP Bio, HiPP Goodnight, HiPP German, and HiPP UK. Now that’s a mouth full!

Furthermore, when it comes to meeting the specific needs of your infant, HiPP Infant Formula provides only the best to ensure optimal health.

HiPP Formula Ingredients

For those wanting an in-depth analysis on the ingredients of HiPP—look no further!

Below we discuss the macros, prebiotics, and benefits of HiPP Organic Formula.

Carbohydrates in Baby Formula

To provide your baby with energy, a healthy carb source is a must. This essential macro helps your baby to fight off diseases, perform bodily functions, and gives them energy to play. Lactose is the healthiest carbohydrate source as it is naturally occurring in breastmilk. Lactose gives babies energy and supports their physical and mental health. Moreover, lactose maintains healthy gut bacteria and helps infants to absorb nutrients.

Unlike the US, the European Commission requires 30% of carbs in formulas that come from lactose. The United States currently has no standard for lactose; they are focused on making the cheapest formulas for profit. HiPP’s philosophy is incorporated into their products to produce the best well-rounded formula.

All HiPP baby formulas are lactose-based (except HiPP anti-reflex, which contains maltodextrin to support babies with sensitive stomachs.)

Protein in Baby Formula

Protein helps the brain, muscles, and other tissues to grow; this macro is essential for all infants. During the first twelve months of life, the growth period is critical in establishing their body structure throughout their entire life. To nourish your baby with only the best, HiPP uses a protein source that mimics breastmilk.

Cow's milk contains 80% casein and 20% whey. Breastmilk contains 40% casein and 60% whey. Casein can be difficult for infants to process, so in order to support digestion, the formula is balanced to mimic breastmilk.

HiPP’s protein source follows a protein ratio identical to breast milk. HiPP baby formula is designed to help those with sensitive stomachs and comes blended with 100% Whey.

Fats in Baby Formula

A proper fat source is essential to supporting growth and heart health. If too much saturated fat (or even worse, trans fats) are added into the formula, you can start preset heart disease and diabetes. HiPP uses Omega-3 (ALA & DHA) and Omega-6 (ARA) fatty acids to give the body a healthy fat source. Omega-3s & 6s support brain health, muscle development, nerve function, vision, and the immune system.

DHA and ARA fatty acids are not required in US formulas, but in 2020 Europe made it a requirement. HiPP is loaded with Omega-3s and Omega-6s, containing both DHA & ARA. Unlike other brands, HiPP derives their fatty acids from vegetable oil and fish oil.

Prebiotics & Probiotics in Baby Formula

All beneficial formulas contain both prebiotics and probiotics. For those who are unfamiliar with these two healthful properties:

Prebiotics are specialized plant fiber that support good gut bacteria. This ultimately aids healthy digestion and the immune system. This can be great for all babies but is especially important for those with digestive disorders.

Probiotics are live bacteria found in dairy and soy products that promote health digestion and the immune system. These can help all babies as their digestive system is learning to adapt to complex foods.

All HiPP formulas contain prebiotics to support digestion. (Note that HiPP anti-reflux formula, HiPP Dutch formula stage 1 & 2, and hypoallergic formulas contain BOTH prebiotics and probiotics.)

Organic Grass Fed Cows

Europe’s EU organic standards are much safer than U.S. formulas. HiPP formulas follow sustainable protocol and source their milk from organic, grass-fed cows. These cows are free to roam, are never dehorned, and produce some of the best tasting milk in the world.

All HiPP formulas are EU certified organic except HiPP Anti-reflux, HiPP comfort, and hypoallergenic. (These include protein hydrolysates to support digestion and require more processing.)

HiPP Baby Formula: Variety

Many mothers swear by HiPP not only for the quality, but for the variety. With a large selection of formulas for all ages and specialties—you’ll never have to worry about running short.

HiPP infant formula provides multiple formula options including anti-reflux, hypoallergenic, biodynamic, and more. Additionally, with stages ranging from newborn to toddler, HiPP will support your little one throughout their infanthood. This is usually the groundbreaker and why mothers choose HiPP organic formulas over other brands.


HiPP AR Formula


Age:   0+ months


Size:   500g / 17.6oz


Why Choose?

Organic Locust Bean Gum makes this creamier and easier for babies with reflux / spit up

HiPP Comfort Formula

HiPP Special Comfort

Age:   0 months +


Size:   500g / 17.6oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, Reduced lactose content, Hydrolzed milk protein

HiPP Dutch Formula

HiPP Dutch Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, No Maltodextrin, Skimmed Milk

HiPP Formula Germany

HiPP German Stage 1 Combiotik

Age:   0-6 Months


Size:   600g / 21oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics/probiotics for better digestion, DHA/ARA, and starch for fuller tummies

HiPP HA Formula

HiPP HA Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   600g / 21oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, hydrolyzed milk proteins for reduced allergic reactions

HiPP Formula UK

HiPP UK Combiotic Stage 1

Age:    0-6 months


Size:    800g / 28.22oz


Why Choose?

Affordability with organic quality, prebiotics, and DHA/ARA

HiPP Organic Baby Formula: Doesn’t Use

Now that we know what HiPP uses, let’s see what they don’t use in their products.

  • Gluten

There is a debate whether gluten is beneficial or harmful for both infants and adults. Regardless, many infants suffer from gluten intolerance and cannot digest it properly. No need to fear, as HiPP formulas are all 100% gluten-free. This can be helpful for mothers tired of searching for the best gluten-free and allergy-friendly formula.

  • Added Sugars

Added sugars are pure poison when it comes to infant formula. Many cheap brands add massive amounts of sugar to provide a fake fullness to trick infant’s digestive tracks. This is uncalled for and HiPP never adds sugar into their formulas. Each formula contains naturally occurring sugars that provide the rich, creamy taste babies savor with the ingredient’s mothers love.

  •  No Maltodextrin (in most versions)

Maltodextrin is like sugar and should be avoided at all costs. This harmful filler can preset diabetes, heart disease, and other health complications in the future. To prevent these horrible diseases, stick to naturally occurring sugars found in milk.

  • NO SOY (in most versions)

Soy is a huge NO-NO for infants and toddlers. Recent studies have linked soy products to damage babies in the long run. 

Soy is a cheap, processed ingredient that typically contains GMOs and chemicals. Producers partially hydrogenate it to preserve it longer; this manipulates the chemical structure and turns into trans fats. Trans fats should be avoided at all costs—this ESPECIALLY applies to babies and toddlers.


GMOs are toxic for all babies and people. What are GMOs?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified—produce and animal products with GMOS contain unnatural chemicals that have been linked to diseases. Chemicals are embedded into these ingredients to make them grow faster, bigger, and quicker. AVOID THESE HARMFUL INGREDIENTS by choosing organic.

  •  NO wheat or peanut ingredients.

For infants with a multitude of allergies, HiPP can provide the needed nourishment. With no wheat, soy, or peanuts, this formula makes the perfect organic allergy-friendly companion to any baby’s diet.

  •  No synthetic preservatives/nutrients

Absolutely zero synthetic preservatives are found in HiPP products. To prevent the horrific amount of diseases linked to these unnatural fillers, HiPP opts out of them completely. HiPP uses naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredients to produce their signature taste.

HiPP Formula Instructions

If you are considering buying HiPP Organic Formula, please view the preparation guide. Each product has their own specific requirements of how many bottles per day per age based on the formula, but the standard is one scoop of formula per one ounce of water. See an example below:



Where is HiPP located?

HiPP’s headquarters and main manufacturing plant is in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany with other locations in Austria and Hungary.

Where are ingredients sourced from?

Their food is made is organic fruits, vegetables, and meta from more than 6,000 contracted organic farmers from various countries.

Who owns HiPP?

HiPP is a family-owned company managed by three brothers: Claus, Georg, and Paulus HiPP. The family company practices ethical treatment and creates each formula following EU organic certification.

How is the company managed?

HiPP’s managed using organic and sustainable practices. The company works with over 6,000 contract farmers to provide them with the best, organic ingredients for their formula.

HiPP is continually at work to improve their Eco balance print by using an EMAS-based environmental management program. Regardless of their tremendous growth, they have not increased their carbon footprint.

Is HiPP better than Holle?

Both products are similar but are ran by different companies. Both contain beneficial properties to support infant health, but it depends on your personal preference. Click here to view an in-depth analysis on HiPP vs. Holle. 

Can I buy HiPP in the United States?

HiPP milk is exported from Germany and Austria and is sold throughout Europe. HiPP Organic Formulas are not sold in US stores. My Organic Company buys HiPP in bulk and sells formulas to parents in the U.S.


Overall, HiPP makes a great choice for mothers who care about organic, high-quality ingredients. For
infants growing through their first months of life, HiPP can help them to grow up strong and healthy.

With clean, wholesome ingredients and a promise to never include GMOs—this formula is perfect for all

Additionally, with the large variety of formulas HiPP has to offer, you’ll never have to worry about
switching from formula to formula. With the ingredient’s mothers love and a taste babies savor—HiPP is
the best organic formula for both mothers and babies.

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