Since your baby does not know how to feed himself or pretty much do anything on his own, either the mother or father are the primary people that are constantly watching every move of the baby. As parents we stress the importance of knowing what is in our baby’s food as well as all ingredients within formula.

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Knowing that every formula is different and includes different ingredients is common sense, but which ingredients are harmful and which are beneficial unnecessary? Well, it’s important to look at what your baby requires first. Is your baby intolerant to any specific ingredients?

Does your baby need a Hypoallergenic formula?

Next it’s important to look into where and what companies you are purchasing your baby’s formulas from. Companies such as HiPP and Holle are very popular due to their trusting communities of parents and outstanding organic quality.

What ingredients look for in Organic Formula;

  1. Lactose

This is a natural sweetener that many other formula company’s disregard and use cheaper sweeteners such as table sugar or syrup.


  1. Vegetable oils or other fish oils

These healthy fats are very important and beneficial to your baby’s diet.


  1. Organic Milk

Milk is extremely important in formula because it’s a huge component in a baby’s diet. Companies such as Holle use dymeter milk for their formulas which is a great product to consider.