Lebenswert Formula: The Ultimate Parents Guide

April 21, 2020

Lebenswert Formula: The Ultimate Parent's Guide

Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula is one of the best organic formulas available in the market. Holle International, which is Europe's largest baby formula producer, designed each stage of the formula in 2009.


Families worldwide trust Lebenswert because of the premium-quality organic nutrients it offers. Lebenswert is 100% organic and sustainable, which is ensured by the Bioland certification.



Holle, a major European organic baby formula company, has been providing excellent nutrition for over 85 years. Their sister company, Lebenswert, is also committed to providing the best formulas on the market. Holle has some of the highest quality standards in the world and produces formulas in accordance with the strictis regulation.


Lebenswert was founded in 2009 by Holle, and follows all Bio land guidelines with a focus on sustainability. Both companies value the animals the milk originates from, the farmers that work hard to source organic ingredients, and the employees that help keep the companies strong.


Lebenswert is dedicated to providing safe and delicious formulas for all mothers and infants, using only EU Certified ingredients. With a long history of outstanding quality, Holle and Lebenswert are trustworthy companies that prioritize quality over profit.


Lebenswert: Organic Baby Formula


Bio Land Farming Sustainability


Lebenswert ingredients are clean, simple, and are nutritious. When it comes to providing the high-quality ingredients, you must first respect the people who provide them. Lebenswert Bio does this in a way most formula brands do not. By following Bio Land sustainability, they value man, animal, and land to provide a perfect balance.


Additionally, all crops grown must not interfere with the ecosystem and meet strict criteria.


Organic Bio land farmers are required to have species specific stock breeding practices, plant protection, and chemical-free soil fertilization. Bio land helps preserve nature and produces healthy crops sustainably.


Cows are never dehorned, and graze on luscious biodynamic fields to provide premium milk. Each animal is respected and they are raised in small herds. Overall, this will bring the best quality milk to nourish your baby naturally.


Lebenswert Bio provides sustainable formulas while protecting nature, workers’ rights, the animals they raise, and the infants that consume their products.


Wholesome Ingredients


If you look on American baby formula nutrition labels—you will find a long list of fillers and toxic ingredients.


With Lebenswert, the worrisome additives are not included. Rather, a list of safe, EU Commission Certified componets are chosen.



All stages have organic milk as their main protein, carbohydrate and fat source—this provides a natural source of nutrients. Additionally, a variety of vitamins and minerals are blended into each formula to ensure optimal health.


To top it all off, Lebenswert blends heart-healthy ingredients to make every formula perfectly balanced.




The well-known formula brand is one of the most allergy-friendly options for sensitive babies. This gluten-free formula is free from soy, nuts, and wheat. Additionally, for babies with tummy trouble, this formula contains natural ingredients to support digestion.


Only Organic dairy with zero antibiotics, steroids, chemicals, or synthetics. If you are tired of searching for the perfect formula with a clean ingredient list—say hello to Lebenswert!

Lebenswert: Organic Formula Ingredients

Now that we have glimpsed at the surface of Lebenswert formula and its company values—let us take an in-depth analysis on the nutrition.



Carbs are one of the three macros; it provides your babies with energy and the nutrients needed to grow. When considering a baby formula, the carbohydrate source is a top priority. Cheap filler carbs can damage infant health, longevity, and can preset health conditions.


Lactose is the best carbohydrate source; it is naturally occurring in breastmilk. While cheap formulas use processed carb sources, Lebenswert Bio uses lactose to support health and wellbeing.

Additionally, lactose can be easier on infants to digest, which is a win-win for both mothers and babies.


Unlike EU Formulas, US formulas skip on nutrition, and do not require strict quality checks. On the other hand, the EU requires at least 30% of carbs to source from lactose.


Holle and Lebenswert make their stage 1 formulas 100% lactose based! All other stages also contain the carbohydrate maltodextrin.



Lebenswert uses naturally occurring whey and casein sourced from organic lactose, that comes from the cows raised on certified biodynamic farms.


This allows babies to not only have plenty of protein but helps them to receive it through a wholesome source.


While mothers might be weary to fat in their own diets, it is an essential and perfectly fine ingredient for babies to grow up strong.


Lebenswert uses a selection of vegetable oils to provide the right amount of fat to support tissue and brain growth. They never use trans fats or over saturated ingredients. This will help your baby thrive and grow into a healthy child in the long run.

Prebiotics + Probiotics

Many parents will go above and beyond their way to get their hands on a formula that contains prebiotics and probiotics. While these two ingredients can support digestion, they are not essential.


Naturally, sourced ingredients can have the same effects as these additives (such as milks, yogurts, and fruits.) To maintain a short, clean list of ingredients, Lebenswert does not include added prebiotics and probiotics.

This is not to say their formula is not easy on digestion. Rather, this formula supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria in babies big and small.


This may or may not be a breaking factor for you when you are considering formula. Overall, it depends on your personal preference and your baby’s nutritional needs.


DHA (Omega-3s) and ARA (Omega-6s) are essential fatty acids. These two fatty acids support muscle growth, brain health, nerve function, vision, and the immune system.


In the United States, these two ingredients are not required in formulas. While in 2020, the European Commission made it a legal requirement for infant formulas to contain DHA and ARA.


Lebenswert Bio contains both essential fatty acids to support infant growth while using sustainable ingredients.

European Organic Baby Formula

Lebenswert formulates all their products with EU Organic Certified Bio Land ingredients. But what does all this mean?


Organic ingredients provide your child with non-GMO, chemical free formulas that do not damage infant health. Bio Land standards respect man, land, and animals in the process by using sustainable farming methods. Farming practices must not disrupt the environment.


Zero chemicals are used, plant protection is incorporated, species appropriate stock breeding, and non-GMO fertilization methods. Additionally, Holle and Lebenswert have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world!


You can make a difference to your baby’s health, the environment, and workers rights all in one by choosing Lebenswert.

What is Not Included in Lebenswert Formula?

Now that we know the nutritional information included in Lebenswert, we can ask the next big question.


What do they exclude from formulas?

1. Soy

Steer clear from this dangerous ingredient! Soy is proven to  destroy the development of brain cells and nerve cells.

Soy is harmful if consumed by infants, even when organic. If you would like to learn more, check out our soy article!

Lebenswert skips out on this harmful ingredient to provide babies with only the safest ingredients.

2. Gluten/Wheat

There is an extensive debate whether gluten products are harmful for all infants.


Regardless if gluten is harmful or not, some infants cannot process it because of intolerance. To make formulas universal, Lebenswert Bio does not contain the use of these ingredients.

3. GMOs/Chemicals

Absolutely zero GMOs and chemicals are included in Lebenswert Organic Formulas. Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs) are harmful and can stun growth in infants.


These ingredients are soaked in chemicals and modified to grow bigger and faster.

This is nothing but for money, and completely disregards human health. With Lebenswert, these harmful ingredients are nowhere to be found to protect infants.

4. Added Sugar

The use of added sugars is pure poison to your babies’ body. Cheap American formulas are LOADED with added sugar and fillers to create a fake sense of fullness.


The use of excessive sugar can preset illness, cause childhood obesity, and damages the body inside and out. To prevent these disturbing consequences, stay away from added sugar in your baby’s diet.

5. Steroids/Antibiotics

It is worth mentioning that EU Organic certification strictly prohibits the use of steroids and antibiotics in farming practices.


Conversely, it is common in the United States to use these substances in cows, which can lead to contaminated milk and ultimately affect a baby's health.


To minimize exposure to such harmful ingredients, it is strongly advisable to opt for EU Organic formulas like Lebenswert.

Advantages of Lebenswert Baby Formula

Lebenswert organic formula is an excellent choice for parents who want to give their baby a clean and wholesome start in life. The formula is carefully crafted with all the essential nutrients that your baby needs to thrive during their growing years.


Lebenswert is committed to your baby's health and well-being, and this is reflected in their sustainable and healthy manufacturing practices. The formula is produced with organic ingredients, which are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

                                             Organic Baby Formula

Lebenswert prioritizes the health and well-being of your baby and it's evident in their sustainable and healthy manufacturing practices. The formula is made using organic ingredients that are grown without any harmful pesticides or chemicals.


Lebenswert organic formula is gentle on your baby's delicate digestive system and is devoid of any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. It is gluten-free and contains no added sugar.


My Organic Company is proud to offer families a healthy and delicious choice to start their babies’ lives.


Is Lebenswert FDA approved?

While Lebenswert is not FDA approved, it is EU Organic certified.


EU organic certification requires stricter quality checks and regulations. Furthermore, EU standards are arguably better than American standards, because of the several laws in place for maintaining quality assurance.


So, while it is not FDA approved, it is approved by an even more thorough Commission.

How long does lebenswert formula last?

Typically, formulas can last up to 1 month when opened. Depending on how much your baby is consuming, we cannot honestly answer the question on how long each box will last, as it depends on your baby’s age, gender, and nutritional requirements.


Where to buy Lebenswert Formula?

My Organic Company delivers options from the EU to your door in just 1-6 business days after processing.

Can you mix Lebenswert with breastmilk?

Yes! You can feed Lebenswert alongside breastmilk or use it to replace breastmilk. With its all-natural ingredients, it mimics the same structure as breastmilk without any chemicals or harmful additives.

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