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Is Your Baby's Bottle Dangerous?

There are rising concerns among parents over the common plastic ingredient bisphenol A (BPA)—used to make the polycarbonate and epoxy resins found in baby bottles, as well as the pursuit of global environmental sustainability.

As such, parents are looking for a bottle that is not only safe for their little, but good for the environment. This article examines the topics of glass baby bottles as well as stainless steel baby bottles.

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Dangers of Plastic Baby Bottles

Studies have linked exposure to the chemical BPA—which can rapidly leach out of plastic bottles when they are exposed to a hot liquid—to damage of developing brains and tissues as well as a heightened risk of cancer later in life.

As parents, we shouldn’t just think about what is inside the bottle, but which bottle we are using. As for the future of plastic bottles, landfills are unavoidable, and each item can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

So what are the alternatives and how do you choose?

Glass Baby Bottle

When comparing glass vs plastic baby bottles, naturally glass comes to the forefront. Made without harmful chemicals or toxins, this environmentally conscious and practical alternative to plastic bottles has made a steady come back in the recent years.

Today’s glass baby bottles are made with safety glass and silicone sleeves. Glass baby bottles with silicone sleeves give better grip and extra protection against any unexpected mishaps.

Unlike vintage glass bottles, modern glass bottles are made from tempered glass - a process that gives glass baby bottles much more strength than normal glass. This means they’ll be able to stand up to being banged around and even dropped.

Tempered glass baby bottles are also Thermal-shock resistant; glass bottles can go from freezing cold to piping hot without breaking.

So why do Eco-conscious parents like glass baby bottles? Because glass baby bottles are made from sustainable abundant materials, can be reused, and are 100 percent recyclable.

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Food grade stainless steel is a BPA free, non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to plastic baby bottles. Stainless steel baby bottles will not leach harmful chemicals in your baby formula the way plastic can.

In the battle of stainless steel baby bottles vs. plastic baby bottles, again we see plastic baby bottles take a back seat. Food-grade stainless steel helps to control temperature variations that slowly degrade plastics.

Stainless steel baby bottles have insulating properties and will keep your baby formula warmer longer. Stainless steel baby bottles are also easy to clean, less prone to scratches, and extremely durable.

When it comes to eco friendly baby bottles, stainless steel is an easy choice. The vast majority of stainless steel baby bottles are manufactured using previously recycled materials.

Safe for Baby and Safe for the Environment

Whether choosing to use glass baby bottles or stainless steel baby bottles, eco friendly bottles help give your baby the best start in life.

The search for the best organic and eco-friendly products does not have to end with baby bottles. Parenthood Guide, is a great resource for parents on the search for the best organic and non-toxic baby products.

As always, My Organic Company gives parents the very best eco friendly and chemical free formulas their baby deserves.

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