HiPP HA vs HiPP Comfort

January 11, 2021

HiPP HA vs HiPP Comfort

The HiPP brand of European baby formula is well-known for being among the world's best in infant nutrition.

HiPP European baby formulas are made with organic ingredients and packed with crucial minerals and antioxidants that infants and toddlers need to meet growth milestones for immunity, bone strength, and brain development.

HiPP: The Standard of Excellence

In the line of HiPP baby formula, HiPP German Bio Combiotik, HiPP Dutch Bio Combiotik, and HiPP UK Bio Combiotik set the standard of excellence when it comes to pure, clean ingredients for sensitive babies.

Nutritionally balanced, these whey based formulas are made with organic 100% grass fed animal lactose as the main carbohydrate.

Each combiotik stage not only has vitamins A, C, and D but also DHA and ARA to aid in brain and muscle tissue growth.

The combination (Combiotik) of prebiotics and probiotics in HiPP Bio Combiotik ease tummy issues like constipation, colic, and gas.

Best Cow's Milk Formulas for Sensitive Tummies

HiPP HA Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   600g / 21oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, hydrolyzed milk proteins for reduced allergic reactions

HiPP Special Comfort

Age:   0 months +


Size:   500g / 17.6oz


Why Choose?

Prebiotics & Probiotics for healthy digestion, Reduced lactose content, Hydrolzed milk protein

#1 Best Goat's Milk Formulas for Sensitive Tummies

Holle Goat's Milk Stage 1

Age:   0-6 months


Size:   400g / 14oz


Why Choose?

Biodynamic Organic A2 Whole Goat Milk, Organic Maltodextrin, No Palm Oil

Special Nutrition for Digestive Needs

One major reason HiPP organic baby formula stands out is for nutrition specially designed to meet digestive troubles in infants.

From tummy issues, to fussing between meals and crying right after a bottle, and even diaper troubles, HiPP European baby formula can give your little one the support they need.


HiPP HA Combiotic

HiPP (HA) Hypoallergenic Combiotic baby formula is formulated for infants and toddlers who are at a higher risk of food allergies, have a cow’s milk sensitivity, or are dealing with reflux.

HiPP HA is made with probiotics and prebiotics to aid in absorption and to support healthy gut flora, as well as extensively hydrolyzed lactose proteins to ease the digestion process along.

How does HiPP HA Combiotic help your baby?

Hipp HA is the perfect formula to start with if you suspect a sensitivity or intolerance to cow’s milk or if your little one has been on American hypoallergenic or gentle formula and you are looking for healthier, clean ingredients.

The prebiotics and probiotics add to the hydrolyzed lactose soothes and settles little tummies, relieves reflux and helps to balance upset gut bacteria that can happen when switching baby formulas.

HiPP HA Combiotic Pre has an extra built-in bonus as a perfect choice for food allergy prone little ones. This simple pure formula is without maltodextrin or added starch to further ensure your little one receives proper nutrition without reaction.


HiPP Comfort

Hipp Special Comfort, as with all HiPP infant formulas, is a lactose-based formula, but this European formula is unique due to reduced lactose content along with extensively hydrolyzed lactose proteins (86%-87% broken down).

Hydrolyzed lactose proteins help babies with digestion by splitting the milk into simpler molecules, making it easier for a baby’s body to process milk-based formula.

HiPP Comfort also contains a prebiotic and probiotic to further aid in absorption and digestion.

How does HiPP Comfort help your baby?

This specialized formula is a great choice for lactose intolerant or colicky little ones and babies that struggle with constipation on a daily basis.

Hipp Comfort remedies colic and intolerance by reducing the amount of lactose and breaking it down into tolerable pieces. Added probiotics ease inflammation in the gut and the gas that comes with it.

To help your baby with constipation and further soothe colic symptoms, the fat is also broken down and prebiotics are added to make sure that digestion easier and nutrients are absorbed.

HiPP Comfort helps infants that have tried American hydrolyzed and soy formulas without success and for those babies that are still showing signs of colic or are severely constipated after starting with HiPP HA.

Cow Milk Protein Allergy : Cow's Milk Intolerance?

In a small percentage of little ones, a severe intolerance or allergy to cow’s milk proteins triggers digestive distress that can not be eased with HiPP HA or HiPP Comfort.

If your baby is still showing signs of bloating, frequent spit up and severe digestive troubles, Holle Organic Goat Milk formula or Kendamil Goat Milk formula (coming soon) is the perfect nutrition to meet your family's needs.

Goat milk baby formulas contain a tenth less lactose than cow milk formulas and goat’s milk has more protein than cow’s milk. This protein forms a smaller, softer, and looser curd which is easier on maturing digestive systems.

Many babies do not experience the same allergy to goat’s milk as they do with cow’s milk, allowing even the most intolerant baby to receive the cleaner nutrition they need to grow and develop.

If you are unsure whether your little one has a milk intolerance or maybe a milk allergy, check out our blog post to see signs and symptoms of both.

Comparison of HiPP HA & HiPP Comfort to USA Brands

Baby Formula Nutrition and Community

When searching for the perfect European baby formula to ease tummy or digestive problems you are guaranteed to find 100% non-synthetic, clean nutrition to build a fountain for a lifetime of health at My Organic Company.

Our staff is dedicated to bringing your family not only nutrition, but also a community of support you can count on.

We look forward to seeing you in the HiPP Holle Kendamil & European Baby Formula Parent Community.

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