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HiPP, 60 years of ORGANIC

HiPP, 60 years of ORGANIC

Parents all over the world put their trust into HiPP bio baby formula products. 60 years ago Claus HiPP decided to change the family owned farm to a organic farming and since then has made bio baby formulas that include only the best vitamins and minerals for your baby’s diet.

Claus HiPP number one priority is to be honest about  what is inside of each formula, he wanted to make sure that his products were safe and had no hidden ingredients in them. He talked about making sure to use natural resources and making sure the environment is protected for our next generation was very important to him.

He is convinced that organic agriculture creates a better environments and helps to avoid animal harm of any kind. Respect for natural resources is also number one priority for Claus HiPP’s son Stefan HiPP, who is also in the organic farming business. Together, son and father pass on their knowledge and passion to employees at HiPP and ensure that the safety of the environment such as climate and natural resources are protected.

Visitor from all over the world such as scientist politicians, teachers, Doctor’s/medical staff and even school kids take extreme interest in the information Claus and his son Stefan have to offer, as well as their future plans and visions.

For HiPP’s 60th anniversary, loyal customers as well as many others are invited to celebrate the success of this company and are able to learn more about how the whole journey started.

Check out HIPP Infant Formula here

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