HiPP Organic Infant Formula: A Guide to Metafolin®

March 14, 2022

HiPP Organic Infant Formula: A Guide to Metafolin®

Now serving the fourth generation of families, HiPP infant nutrition is known worldwide as a leader in the European baby formula business.

Combining the best of science and nature: the goal of HiPP’s continual research is to mimic breast milk as closely as possible and to improve babies' gut microbiota to ensure the best nutritional absorption and provide the most comfortable digestion.

HiPP is a true pioneer in infant nutrition, and this shows with the addition of Metafolin® in their updated combiotic lines.

Folate in Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula

The B-vitamin folate is an essential nutrient needed for optimal cell division, tissue growth, and cognitive development. Therefore, an adequate folate supply is particularly important during this period of rapid growth and development in infancy.

In HiPP combiotic infant formulas this ingredient participates in the synthesis of purine and pyrimidine and thus in RNA and DNA synthesis. In your baby's body, it plays a crucial role in cellular differentiation, regeneration, and formation; making it indispensable for growth and blood formation, this is fundamental in brain development.

Natural Folate Form as Found in Breast Milk

Folate is not easily converted in sufficient amounts, especially when found in the synthetic form of this B vitamin because of restricted or limited activity of individual enzymes.

Unfortunately, in the past, synthetic folic acid has been prescribed by law as the standard for baby formula - until now.

Research has found that within breast milk, an infant receives 5-MTHF, the metabolically active form of folate. Knowing this, HiPP took the logical next step which was to add a folate source to formula that resembles the folate in breast milk.

HiPP Formula

Born from this research is the only formula to date using this natural folate that does not need to be converted or activated to exert its effects. HiPP COMBIOTIC® with Metafolin® – is now one step closer to nature’s example.

Metafolin is a natural folate form (5-MTHF) as found in human milk and immediately available and safe for all infants. This is the predominant form of naturally occurring folate in the blood, so it does not need to be metabolized.

HiPP COMBIOTIC® with Metafolin®


Natural folate form (5-MTHF) as found in human milk

Immediately available to the body

Does not need to be metabolized

Metafolin vs Folic Acid

On the research and development side, a controlled study has been carried out to determine the safety of Metafolin® fortified formula.

The results show that children who received this bioactive folate form showed adequate growth and development, and more importantly the folate levels in these infants (intervention group) were comparable to that of the breastfed infants in the control group.

These results easily show that every baby can benefit from a formula that already contains the bioactive folate form.

European Infant Formula Regulations

Metafolin® (5-MTHF) has received a positive evaluation from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use in formulae and received approval to be included in the respective legal regulations for use in European baby formulas.

The safety and suitability of Metafolin® use in formula has been demonstrated in a clinical trial and was confirmed given the age-appropriate physical growth of the infants in the study.

Special Features of HiPP Infant Milk

HiPP understands how essential it is to provide babies with safe, wholesome nutrition. High-quality standards and a wide selection of formulas that are manufactured by combining the best of science and nature shows the 100% dedication HiPP has to your family.

The absolute best ingredients are used to bring your infant a balance of prebiotics and probiotics, supreme organic quality & reduced protein content, and now the benefit of natural folate as found in breast milk.

Is it any wonder this pioneer in infant nutrition has been a trusted brand for four generations?

My Organic Company is proud to carry the full line of HiPP Organic Infant formulas to meet every digestive, developmental, and nutritional need of your little one’s first years of life.

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