The Easiest Way To Get Rid of The Pacifier

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For some children it is easier than for others to get rid of their pacifier, some just decide to stop using it completely while others are extremely attached and have a hard time giving it up. Similar to the bottle feeding, where after discontinuing the use of formula (see here for the best organic formula options), some babies can remain attached to bottle feeding. 

It is recommended to start taking the pacifier aways after the first year due to the development of the teeth that should have already kicked in. Ideally, the pacifier should be completely eliminated after your child's second birthday. At this time, the child should not have the pacifier available at all times. The parent needs to control when to give and when to take away. Through this method the child will understand that the pacifier will only be used for bedtime perhaps.

Normally, the process of elimination of a Pacifier takes about 3-4 weeks but depends on the child and the parent as well. During this phase it is important to motivate and acknowledge their accomplishments. Punishing or giving negative energy will only make the process long and stressful.

Exchanging things for the pacifier is another great way to get your child's mind excited for something new such as teething rings. Teething rings are especially popular because they are good for the growing teeth. If you are planning on taking a vacation for some time it is recommended to stop the process of eliminating the pacifier until you get back home, where you child is familiar with the area. Children often times get nervous when they are in new places and have too much going on in their brains. If your baby asks for the pacifier, then you should definitely give it to them because this will help them stay calm.

There are many ways to slowly get rid of a pacifier, the process might be faster or take a while longer. In many countries so called ceremonies for pacifiers are held, which allow the child to say goodbye to their old friend. Gifts are usually given in return to a child giving up their pacifier which helps to keep the child happy after all.

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