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June 24, 2018 2 min read

Head turning, pressing lips together and lots of crying and screaming. These are all common behaviors a baby shows when it rejects the bottle. What is the solution to this problem? Well, first you need to be very patient with the process of your baby getting used to the bottle, this does not always work out right away and needs time to be introduced to your baby.

One problem can be the type of bottle you are offering your baby. Some baby’s do not like silicone or other types of materials such as rubber. In this case, try using glass or a small cup for them to drink out of, this usually works as the best solution for most babies.

Don’t lose hope. If your baby is still not getting the hang of the bottle, keep trying! Many mothers tend to give up here and go back to breastfeeding, but it is very important to be calm and keep trying multiple times a day if needed.

Some mothers shared that eventually when the baby’s hunger is too big they will take the bottle. Of course this is not the ideal way to introducing the bottle but it does get the job done of having the baby drink from it at least.

Many recommend that if possible using a breast pump and filling the bottle that best suits your baby with your breastmilk. Breast Milk always tastes better for your child than any other milk formula. Therefor, if you have no problem breastfeeding but wanna switch to bottle slowly, it is recommended to start with pumping and once then baby gets used to the bottle, switching to a formula should be no problem.

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