Is Formula More Filling Than Breastmilk?

July 01, 2020

Is Formula More Filling Than Breastmilk?

Infant nutrition is key to sustaining your baby many years to come. If you are ready to transition your baby off breastmilk, organic formula is the best option. With the many health benefits to organic baby formula and avoidance of toxic ingredients, it is the safest choice available.

Breastmilk vs. Formula - Is Formula More Filling?

Simply put, yes, formula can be more filling.


The answer is not what you would imagine. The reason why baby formulas are more filling than breastmilk is because babies can drink MORE of formulas. Breastmilk is limited because its process is fickle, while formulas are measured in bottles to provide an exact amount during each feeding.


Formula can also bring more vitamins to your baby in one feeding session because the ingredients included are exactly measured. In contrast, breastfeeding amounts could change throughout the day and feedings.

Plus, depending on how long baby nurses for, they may only get the foremilk and not the extra-filling nutrients found in the hindmilk. This is why it is important to nurse for at least 10 to 15 minutes.


For mothers who are exclusively pumping, ensure sessions are no less than 15 minutes. If you are supplementing with formula and unable to produce an entire bottle for a feeding session, you should feed your baby breastmilk first. Give them formula second, so they can still receive all the antibodies from the breastmilk and get filled up on the formula.


Some organic baby formulas are made with organic maltodextrin, a natural thickener. The thicker the product, the longer is stays in your baby’s system, allowing them to feel fuller longer. This can be a lifesaver for restless parents.


Additionally, newborns may get longer sleep as they are not hungry in the middle of the night. This is not always the case of course, but it can help many parents. For parents that are supplementing with formula, it might be best to use the formula for night-time feedings and the breastmilk during the day.


Baby formula is also helpful when going on vacation with your baby as others can help feed your baby.


Overall, in the organic baby formulas vs. breastmilk debate, formulas have an advantage simply because the ingredients can be modified; however, when breastmilk is fully mixed with hindmilk and foremilk, there might not be much difference. It's difficult to properly study and have a scientific answer to support either side because babies can't tell us if they are full, and they could fuss for any sort of different reasons.

Which Formula is the Best?

Now that we know why formula can be beneficial, which kind is the best for both you and your baby?

As previously mentioned, you can NEVER go wrong with choosing organic baby formula over standard formula.

You might be wondering— is organic a fad or a trend?

For those wondering, organic formula contains cleaner, wholesome ingredients. Your baby is what they eat, and organic formulas never skimp on nutrition nor quality, plus they avoid the toxins our environment attacks us with.

Our favorite brands are all European organic formulas. But why European instead of US brands?

Formulas made in the United States do not undergo strict regulations and contain many controversial ingredients. For example, these ingredients could include added sugar, preservatives, and harmful chemicals.

EU organic formulas are required by the European Commission to never use GMOs nor any of the banned list of ingredients. For more information on why EU Organic Formula is better than US Formula, click here.

For now, our favorite newborn baby formula brands include: Kendamil Stage 1, HiPP Dutch Stage 1, Holle Stage PRE, and Lebenswert Stage 1.

You can buy all of these brands and more on My Organic Company at the BEST PRICE with FREE USA SHIPPING on orders over $50.

A Final Word

We highly encourage mothers to choose organic baby formula for supplementing or when breastfeeding is not an option. Additionally, it is important to consider the QUALITY of the formula when purchasing.

Your infant’s nutrition now will impact their longevity into childhood, adolescence, and eventually adulthood. EU organic formulas are of the highest standards at an affordable price.

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